How to climb rank with healer ? And pocket is a good play?

I stuck at silver 1 for a month and i only play healer ? Can we climb to higher rank with healer ?
I find teammate in this rank required too much for a healer. They hide in a corner of a building and required for healing, or required pocketing him. They got shocked dmg and died immediately and blamed me for not healing. What should i do ? Which is right and which is wrong?

I am plat you need to be a professional player to rank higher

We don’t need more healers to be honest. Five times the wait for support vs DPS, because of how many support players there are.

I see you call the support role healer allot. Does that mean you don’t add/do damage?
The whole thing about playing support is that you can output pressure from both healing and damage. And just with about anything, add enough pressure and something breaks, in this case it causes a elim, adding more pressure on the enemy team and again they break and you win a teamfight. Win enough teamfights and you win the match.

Especially in silver where people have questionable positioning you won’t get away with just healing.

Personally i was hardstuck in 1700-1900 sr for 5+ seasons in ow1 on support.
I could win games more easily and actually climbed to 2600 sr on my brothers alt in 2400 sr on support. I learner why. It was lack of peel in silver that caused me to die repeatedly compared to the 2400 sr games.
So i spend 150 hours in quickplay learning to duel flankers, to have better positioning to be a harder target to dive/kill.
I would shoot the genji before he would get into dash range, i would walk inside the winston bubble, melee to try to get the dva to flash matrix and then sleep the winston and walk away.
I did that for 150 hours dueling and learning to survive on my own untill I got 3 mvp cards in a row. Two 92% on fire mvp cards and one 96% on fire mvp card with a combined death count of 5 in those 3 games. I went back into ranked after that and within a week I was 2800 sr solo queing only. I have never dropped below 2726 sr after that on support and i did this climb in season 22. That means I have been above 2726 sr for 15+ seasons because i learned what held me back.

So how you climb out of silver is to learn where you are going wrong, what you could improve upon and fix that.

Ill try to grab a example i wrote a while back as too why you shouldn’t healbot or or focus too much on damage as one of those could be the thing thats holding you back for example.
Its important to remember though that you should always heal your tank too the best of his abilities. But there is a example here that shows you clearly that sometimes you also have to dps. Its all situational though.

There are more examples i wrote in that original post,

You absolutely don’t need to be.

I am diamond 3 on 3 accounts.
I have not dropped below diamond 4 50% better since the start of ow2 on support on any of those accounts.
On one account i only solo que and its a new account since start of season 6.