How to bring back the Pink Mercy skin

It’s a skin. Can I just point that out. It’s not real it doesn’t actually ‘exist’
There’s loads of things in other games I will never be able to get and I’m ok with that- that’s life

I think that’s pretty far-fetched. A handful of people doesn’t mean everyone does. People wear the skin because they like it and bought it. Nothing else.

Mine is getting dusty in my collection because I never use it.

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Exactly sounds like paranoia to me.

Im sorry people didn’t get the skin… but that’s just how it is.

No. But I have seen NO wording of any official nature nor legalspeak in the page related to the event that says there is any reason to believe they are legally on the hook to keep BCRF informed or involved in the event they wish to use the skin again. Nor are there any links to BCRF in the skin itself. It AGAIN, was made in house with no BCRF branding at all and the event was staffed by blizzard organized staff. There is no evidence to lend credence to the idea they are legally unable to use the skin or reissue it. There are several facts that point to the idea that the skin in concept, art, and implementation is blizzards property entirely.

Saying “well they haven’t done it so something must be stopping them and that MUST be because they are beholden to BCRF”, has a leap in there with no logical backing.

There are several PR, marketing, and moral reasons for them not to that have no legal backing.

This isn’t sound logic. Just because you work with someone doesn’t automatically mean they have legal rights to every element of that project, especially when one party is basically just allowing their name to be used on the event and thats it.

Great, and it’s not happening this event and blizzard themselves have stated they have no plans to do so… … But again that isn’t necessarily because they have a legal reason not to that has anything to do with BCRF. Which is the entire point of my reply.

That statement, that Blizzard has a legal and contractual restriction from BCRF, has no logical basis or proof behind it.


Ok you obviously feel very strongly about this subject and I just don’t. Take ur argument to blizz and get ur pink mercy skin :slight_smile: good luck

I bought 5 of them when the event came out. I don’t need one.

Great. Have a wonderful day.

the insistence on Mercy pink has become terrible, and is making the community fight unnecessarily between those who want and those who do not want the return of the skin. :triumph:

Blizzard, take courage :rage:: either you tell everyone that this exclusive will never come back (she did it in the past with Widow Noire) or say openly “we don’t know what we’ll do in the future. We’d like to but maybe it’s unfair?”. It’s bad to keep quiet about the availability of limited-time content, and even more so for this skin that belongs or doesn’t belong to Blizzard. and surely by saying that you will never come back you will not make those people sadder than those who inexorably have to give up the playstyle of the various heroes reworked in the past. :expressionless::roll_eyes::triumph:

:mega: close this USELESS feud with a direct communication of what to do with mercy pink. ok?!

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I mean, there’s a pretty clear answer made by AndyB earlier. But there’ll always be someone who will understand it as “it doesn’t mean never”.

Buy the OWL Spark skin,now you have a pink Mercy.

Mom I want pink mercy!

we have pink mercy at home…

Pink mercy at home:


You can also donate 15$ to BCRF after for maximum roleplay immersion

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But Andy gave this answer in the interest of what’s inside the OW Remix event. but we still don’t have clear answers on what the intention is for this skin “generally”. Or as usually, isn’t specified. :triumph:

certainly bringing this skin back to the period of maximum unpopularity and abandonment of the game (there are many fewer gamers from 2018 to today) is not even favorable to the hypothesis that it should return. but in the meantime the remaining community is deluded with the continuous return of historical exclusives such as the challenges and the OWLs.

The communication around the exclusive Mercy Pink and not ON Mercy pink is extremely badly managed. This is the difference, and we would see more useless topics closed with the link to the final answer. a definitive answer that had been there for widow Noire in 2016: it was a preorder content, very clear.

Because he didn’t explicitly said so which makes sense, considering there are a lot of people who are looking forward to acquire this skin and locking such skins from being obtained isn’t a smart idea.
At the same time with the allegations and lawsuit from last year, it makes sense to not contact BCRF for now so it’s understandable…

league literally did this with all their old prestige skins. THIS IS THE PERFECT WAY TO GO ABOUT IT