How to bring back the Pink Mercy skin

Simply change one minor detail about it. Like maybe the buttons are gold rather than pink or something like that. I don’t know if the pink Mercy skin has buttons on it or not. That’s just an example.

There is already a precedent for this. Disney does it all the time to skirt around legal problems. For example with the American flag. Turns out there are a ton of laws about how a company should fly the American flag. It must be taken care of and respected. How Disney skirts around these troublesome laws and flies a ton of them 24/7, with a little to no care, is by changing one little detail on them. Like maybe one less stripe, or one less star. With that one minor change they’re technically no longer American flags, they’re just flags.

You can do the same thing with the new pink Mercy skin. The new one will look almost exactly like the old one but there will be one minor difference to show that it’s a knockoff. That way anyone who actually had the original Pink Mercy will still have a special skin that nobody else has, and more importantly, the charity that was behind the pink Mercy skins existence can’t sue blizzard, because the new “Pink Mercy” skin is technically not really the pink Mercy skin.

… they can’t sue blizzard even if blizzard brought it back and sold it for profit. There’s no contract or branding that gives them grounds to sue.

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Whatever. The point is no one can complain that you’re bringing back the pink Mercy skin, because it’s not really the pink Mercy skin.

Why would they want to cheapen something that is practically their own intellectual property by making a ‘knock-off’ of it. In all likelihood, with the evidence presented to us, Blizz can’t simply make the decision to run Pink Mercy again on their own, as it was made in conjunction with BCRF -and indeed has BCRF branding on it…and frankly, even if they could, I don’t think they should. There are skins in the game that are genuinely limited time, rare skins. It’s literally a business model. The more often Blizz decides to dilute that notion, the less belief people have in their ‘limited run’ skin system, and people won’t buy into it.

They’re a company looking to make money in some form. Cheapening their business model and their IP is not good for business. Even running the charity again to get Pink Mercy isn’t good for business; they did that exact same charity before. What would be good would be an all new skin collaboration with an all new charity.

I think you underestimate people who either don’t want others to have it… or like to complain.

where? Please tell/show me. I cannot find it.

To save (potentially) some further posts… the Pink curved ribbon theme is NOT BCRF exclusive. The pink cancer awareness ribbon (and other colored ribbons in that loop form) are public domain.

How about no? It was a limited charity event partnership and I doubt that charity wants to work with Blizz anymore… :wink:

This is a matter of reputation and associativity, not one of legality. Blizz doesn’t need to sully their reputation more by dragging down the BCRF just to appease rabid fans.

You pink mercy skin people are seriously delusional. Get help.

The event was to raise money for breast cancer.

The event is -->over.<–

And it has been. For years. Learn to move on.

What are you talking about Yes there is.

I can’t believe your having a convo about how to undermine a charity. Have some common sense and respect

Show me where anyone isn’t just assuming there is and they’ve said they LEGALLY cannot do whatever they want with the skin.

I’m stating they don’t have any legal binding agreements not to do what they want with it. I’m not discussing morals.

I have plenty. Perhaps don’t assume I said anything I didn’t, just like people assume blizzard isn’t rehashing the skin event cause of some imagined contract.

Ok. I saw it in writing. There’s your proof. Now do one

Do… one what?

What I am saying is that it has never been shown or said by a representative from blizzard OR BCRF that they are contractually bound in any way NOT to use Pink Mercy as they see fit.

There is no reason for it either. The skin was made in-house by blizzard and the event was run by blizzard with BCRFs permission to attach their name and branding TO THE EVENT. BCRFs involvement was in promotion, accepting the money, and then telling everyone what they did with it. None of that says they have rights to any of the blizzard assets.

I have no idea what you’re arguing with me for, I’m just tired of people implying there’s some sort of legal excuse for blizzard to not rehash distribution of the skin in some way. There is not until someone who represents either side of that partnership says there is or a contractual and legally binding document or clause is found.

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Why change it? They are bringing back other skins that were “one and dones” only people who care about it are the ones who have it now and don’t want others to have it so that they feel special.

Blizz sell the pink mercy skin again and make some money for cancer research!


People probably think there is a legal excuse since OP said there was in some way.

Probably ain’t anything, just aint fair if you were promised a limited time skin.
This is just one of the other threads that add onto the pile, it wont do anything.

I can understand this argument, and from the perspective of someone who values exclusivity enough to pay for it, I can say it’s valid, at least as an argument against.

I’m just noticing the mythos springing up around why the skin isn’t coming back and people saying things like “they gonna get sued” or “they legally cannot without BCRFs approval”, and that bothers me… cause none of that was ever said or even hinted at.


Only if it’s sold for the same price as the original, or that’s a hard slap to a lot of people who donated and got the skin.

Just because one colour is different, doesn’t make the overall design different.

Do you think blizz puts every single one of their contracts on a public forum so everyone can see their goings on?
It’s quite obvious they can’t just ‘use it’. This goes with any collaborative venture.

I don’t care if it comes back. I really don’t. But it wont

should come back like many other skins, this “exclusivity” thing only causes people to show off in games, who think they are super selfish and a long etc.

IF they don’t get the Pink, at least they get THE SAME skin but with another color.

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Whose showing off in games? A skin they purchased with their own money? Damn imagine if u actualy wore those trainers you just purchased - the audacity, scandalous

There are people who only use it to show off “look what I have and you will never have it”.