How to balance Brigitte

I still think Brigitte is over tuned. No one will change my mind.
IMO, this is how she should be tuned:

HP: 200 (down from 250)

  • 150 Health + 50 Armor (down from 200HP + 50 Armor)

Barrier Shield

  • Health: 500 HP (down from 600)


  • Healing: 12.5 HPS (down from 16)
  • Area of effect: 20 meters (requires LoS)
  • Duration: Inspire is now a constant AoE heal that requires no action to activate. Inspire will constantly heal as long as Brigitte has LoS with you.

ONLY Whip Shot and Shield Bash will increase Inspire healing to 16 HPS for 5 seconds

Rocket Flail

  • Rocket Flail no longer pierces barriers
  • Damage: 40 (up from 35)

Repair Pack

  • Healing: 130 health over 0.9 seconds (down from 150 health and no longer instant heal. overheal armor unchanged)
  • Healing Range: 40 meters (up from 30)
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds (down from 6)

Whip Shot

  • Damage: 75 (up from 70)

Shield Bash

  • Shield Bash is now blocked by barriers. If Brigitte uses Bash on a shield, she is stunned for 0.8 seconds
  • Damage: 35 (down from 50)
  • Range: 6 meters
  • Duration: 0.8 second stun (down from 1)
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds (up from 5)


  • Armor provided now only last 45 seconds after leaving Rally area of effect

Note: Hack will stop Inspire in this case

a 20 meter radius on inspire? ya no thanks. that’s astronomically huge.

That’s literally what it is right now on live…


No. Her shield bash is fine.

If anything, it’s her repair packs and ultimate that are overtuned.

Though I’m not convinced that they are and the devs may need to get creative instead.

I know they were talking about putting a limit to how much armor can stack or something along those lines.

Stun duration is okay.

Bash CD is not. Brigitte should have a larger window of weakness* after using/missing bash.

*She’s not that weak with bash off CD anyway. Flail, whip, shield are still very good for fighting.

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Really, all of that?

I’m sitting here thinking all she needs is a slight shield bash cd increase to something more reasonable like 8 or 10 seconds and she’s perfect. Literally, that’s all I think she needs.

Yes. 100% all of that. IMO, she is too balanced around the Tank aspect of her kit, when she should be focused on being a Healer with Tank utility.

I agree with you on some aspects, like Rally lasting a set amount of time, like 45-60 seconds. But other things like reducing her health to 200? That doesn’t fit her tanky style.

Her durability is fine.
The durability she brings to everyone else is the problem.
Do you want anti-Flank, or to make everyone in your team a Tank? I feel like they should have made an actual choice there instead of giving her the ability to do both.

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But remember she is a hybrid. Which means her health should be bouncing from 200 - 350 pretty consistently because she will be getting more ult charge from healing her team more often. Plus she has a 500HP shield.

You’re still looking at 700HP minimum.

If that still isn’t enough, give her 100HP/100Armor for a 200HP total instead of the 150/50