How to balance Brigitte: a Support with Tank utility


The people that reply in this thread are the problem. The main reply here is “youre not good enough, Brigitte is fine”

Which is a total joke. There is a massive problem with Brigitte and she needs to be changed and more than just a slap on the wrist because thats exactly what the most recent change was

I am trying to be constructive and offer positive changes for the hero that would actually be good. If people dont like the changes… fine. Dont come back to me with “you just dont know how to counter Brigitte”, why dont people follow my format and come up with their own changes since everyone on here is a pro

I think people dont want her nerfed because she is so easy to abuse to get easy SR


A 190 damage stun combo is lethal.
The fact that it is melee range doesn’t mean jack sh!t.
Overwatch is an objective based game.

190 damage leaves every 200 hp character with 10 hp.
They’re pretty much dead at that point.

You’re the silver player here, not me.

Just because it leaves you with a sliver of health as a 200 hp character doesn’t mean it isn’t lethal. I’m a support main myself, i don’t mind dying to other supports. But seeing Genji and Tracer players die to Brigitte has to be one of the most demotalizing sights in the game.

Zenyatta isn’t harder to kill than Zarya unlike Brigitte.
Zenyatta doesn’t have a full second stun.
Zenyatta doesn’t throw armor around like candy.
Zenyatta requires proper skill.


Brig is a zero star hero with 4 star utility no matter how much you think about it sadly.


Sorry but Brig can do just fine with her healing output and a 400hp shield. Not to mention that during her ultimate her hp only gets scratched if she gets headshotted consistently, otherwise she’s the terminator. Ana’s sleep dart is by far the only skillful ability of the ones you just mentioned, and I only brought it up to compare it with moira’s fade. Fade is the ultimate cheesy get-out-of-all-kinds-of-trouble ability, and is lightyears better than ana’s sleep dart, yet lots of people still play ana. She’s not unplayable. That is to say that moira doesn’t really need fade to be at all functional in her playstyle. And neither does Brig need that much effective hp to be a support that counters dive. She could use a whole lot of trimming on her armor and barrier hp to balance her out.


So much of a problem that the people who are in ranks where people are better at aiming and skill in general have few to no problems with her.


She really doesn’t need changes, since she’s a support/tank hybrid hero. Which means that she’s supposed to be hard to deal with.


Yea… in relation to what? Other supports. There is a reason why she is in the Support section and not the Tank section.

Brigitte 100% should be harder to kill than any other Support but she shouldnt be harder to kill that other DPS or Tanks. Thats broken.

With the changes I suggested: 150HP + 50 Armor + 400 HP Shield that still equals 600 HP PLUS she has Shield regen PLUS she can still heal herself and everyone around her PLUS she has a 4 second boop to keep you away PLUS she has a high damage stun.

Sorry… but Brigitte would still be really strong and hard to kill even with the “nerfs” I suggested.


OP and many other people including myself can see blizzard’s intent on Brig’s design and whom she is meant to counter. But it’s also incredibly easy to see how this design is extremely flawed. Blizzard’s intent on keeping her as she is is plain wrong and thoughtless. Not to mention how unreasonable and generic their description is for this change, which may as well have been copied and pasted from the last time she was nerfed, and how they refuse to discuss this issue on any level, even to go so far as to shut down these threads for no particular reason.


Exactly. I know what Brigitte was meant for and I can see the direction they want Brigitte to stay within. I agree with that. However, the balance surrounding her just isn’t good and has been severely overturned since day 1


Genuine question on the 1 star comment: do you think all 3 star heroes should beat all 1&2 star heroes? If so why even have them in the game?


Star level should be related to impact on the game and skill level to use, not balance and who can beat who


That answers nothing I asked. The way it reads is you’d be fine with how she is if she was a 3 star hero but as a 1 star hero she has too much going for her. Is this true? If so why even have 1-2 star heroes if grossly outclassed by 3 star heroes?
Also… the stars aren’t the best. Road is 1 star… They’re based on skill floors to get value not skill ceilings.


Road is a 1 star and that makes sense. He is super easy to use and he doesn’t have a crazy impact like some other heroes. But that isn’t to say that he can’t kill 3 star heroes.

Brigitte is 1 star. She should be one star. She should be easy to play but she shouldnt be super impactful but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t useful.

Mercy is 1 star too which is why the nerf to 50hps was needed


My point has been confirmed: you seem to think a 3 star hero should be outright better. A stance I highly disagree with because why even have the others then?
And Roadhog is easy… yeah. Zero mobility, easily feeds, has to manipulate his shot type or do zero damage, low clip, and his hooks have an absurdly long cooldown. My point is saying the stars are misleading and based on skill floors not skill ceilings. It’s easier to get value out of say Roadhog but getting full use out of him is far more difficult than others.
Frankly Brigitte seems fine as she is. I’d rather a longer bash cooldown and she seems to be going in that direction.


No. I dont. I think a 3 star should require more skill have have a bigger impact. I didn’t say that a 1 star isn’t as good.

Compare Ana and Mercy. Ana should be harder to play and be out healing Mercy for a joke but that doesn’t mean that Mercy isn’t good. Mercy has Res and is more consistent and reliable when it comes to healing.

I never said 1 star heroes shouldn’t be good. The star system is suppose to be there to give players an idea on how easy a hero is to learn and how much of an immediate impact on the game that hero could potentially have.


And they do… so what is your issue then? It seems that your issue is she is a 1 star and has a big impact.


My issue is that Brigitte is a 1 star hero that is over tuned for her role


See? Again you’re saying if she was a 3 star you’d be fine with it… which reads as saying 3 stars should be outright better than 1 stars.


No… because even if she was a 3 star she would still be over tuned but whatever you think


I’m just reading your words. I woukdn’t bring up stars in addressing a character as needing nerfs. It seems really odd to mention. Who cares if a character takes a ton lr minimal skill? It matters if he/she is broken or balanced.