How to avoid thais and viets completely on SEA?

like these 2 nationalities are actually the worst to play overwatch with. no joke.

Two options:

1.) Play in the actual Asia region (set your region in the Blizzard App from Americas to Asia). The trade-off, expect no one to speak English at all.

2.) Be like me and get a VPN (I’m still looking for one that doesn’t bork on me via subscribing to different ones [by that I mean I sub to one, unsub if it borks on me enough and sub to another]), learn how to play with 180-220 ping (or 300… ymmv) by playing with actual NA players.

I do this because I hate playing with SEA players in general.

I like to try and think the best of people so I’m going to assume you made this post with the best and most innocent intentions. Make an LFG group with something like [insert language here] only in the title or [insert country here] only.

high diamond-masters. cannot find people in lfg. on asian servers my ping is like 100. actually unsolvable

As a Southeast Asian… trust me, we (the ones who live in SEA) are very racist towards each other (I think most Asians are in terms of that), and Japan gets the least heat in regards to it due to newer gen Asians loving the things they pump out via entertainment and tech.

Its not even the racism that totally annoys me, its our level of toxicity and the methods + intensity + frequency of trolling/griefing/throwing that happens here. And that’s not just limited to Overwatch.

Well, I dunno about you, but I’ve learned to live with 200 ping when I use a VPN. And 100 ping actually isn’t that bad. Yes, I know, a lower ping is better, but still… take your pick: Your sanity or your ping?

lol dude my sanity or my ping? thats hard. also its not like im trying to be racist. i played on a bunch of servers before due to moving around. CN, SEA and NA. and thais and viets are by far the worst to play with IN MY OPINION.

Express VPN is the best

I will agree Viets are the worst

Blizzard needs to add More Servers in the SEA Region. Like PSE1 is the server where I get my best Ping and that’s like 80ms. I cannot play with anything above 150ms, it’s too much for my heropool.

I know its a hard decision. Trust me, I haven’t enjoyed this game in a mechanical sense because dying behind a wall (due to ping) is getting old… but I just have to accept that atleast its better than playing in SEA server (like, I also don’t mean to be racist, cuz Filipinos [I’m a Filipino] and Singaporeans, from my experience, are just as bad, if not worse, than Viets and Thais… but that’s a marginal difference because its already a mountain of SEA-salt… which is worse than salt… cuz SEA-salt gives aids, cancer, and ebola at the same time).

And yeah, my friends used to play OW with me. They’re also from SEA (mostly Malaysians and a few Singaporeans), but they all migrated to Siege and CSGO because they don’t find it fun anymore to have to 6-stack in order to enjoy the competitive mode of this game for what it is.

We don’t need more SEA servers, we just don’t need our servers to have to peer to an NA West server. EU, Korea, and China don’t have their servers needing to peer to their NA West server, but why does SEA have to? Its also why Australians end up playing with us, too… whether they want to or not… and sometimes how we end up in games with, like, 150 ping because it put us in the East Australian server.

Haluuu, I’m from Viet and I’m freaking disgusted when i have Viets in my team

I have some friends playing OW too and always tell them not to talk or use Vitnumese to chat so as not to be exposed. Why ? Well, in my experience Vitnumese boys only use chat to insult and blame others, and words like Fck, Pnis, c*nt, noob, etc… are the only one they know in English

Yes, Viets are the worst. Not only from the way they behave in this game, but from how they behave in any other international topics

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I dunno, man. I find Singaporeans and fellow Filipinos way more annoying than Viets. Like, Singaporeans because half the time they’re annoyingly loud as f*ck, condescending, straight up rude, and the second most-likely to atleast start threatening to throw (and they end up actually following up on their threats) if things don’t go their way, and Filipinos… much less condescending, but they throw when they feel like it.

Viets, Malays, Indians (because they somehow end up playing here) and Thais are much less likely to do those things from my experience, I guess. But overall, the tendency to do those things in general in comparison to even Australians, Canadians, and even just other NA players (cannot compare South Americans, Europeans, and Africans [and others that I have missed out on] because I don’t think I have played with any of them).

Sure, there are those legitimately decent people in SEA, but holy crap. You know the term “If everywhere you go smells like sh*t, maybe start checking your own shoes”? I kept telling myself that maybe I am the problem. But then, in other games that I play in that don’t have some weird forms of region blocking or have it at all, my experience was much, much better. So no, it isn’t my shoes, its that the region that I live in is very much like Chernobyl.

Then, when I started using VPNs (which has taken some spots in my credit card statements), and when they don’t bork, I don’t mind the 200+ ping because atleast what’s left of my sanity is saved.

200 is the maximum ping i can play. But when i have it, it wont just stay there so VPN cant be applied to my case i guess ? xD

I choose to just chat in your my group or completely ignore them since, you know, random people on the internet, not worth to get on your nerves. Maybe this is what the OP can use

In my case, its like, if muting teammates doesn’t even remotely do anything to the problem/s I’ve been experiencing, then why bother playing in the region if its almost always gonna be like that? Its also why LFG seems kinda useless because either no one’s using it or when it is, its at SR ranges that are used by players that have a higher or lower SR than mine and others who have the same SR range as mine but don’t end up using it.

I get used to high ping because, well, when you live in the Philippines, one of the countries who have really craptastic internet connections, as well as one of the most overpriced ones (in terms of price to performance), you kinda have to learn how to live with it.