How they destroyed Hammond

bro you forgot the power stance nerfed
removing that was hero killing

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I just also remembered that they nerfed his top speed.

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Good. Nothing was dumber than A hammond rolling into you and taking off 150 hp and knocking you to the other side of the map.

All these hard nerfs to the only hero I play the vast majority of the time make me sad. They’ve made the most fun hero in the game to play, not fun. I got 500+ hours on ball. Would love to play my adorable hamster, but sadly am taking a break for now. I pray the devs show a little love and make him fun to play again. Hope springs eternal I suppose. From what I saw of OW2, not impressed and so far don’t see any real difference to how he’s played now. Will this be the last time we be ballin’? I hope not. :disappointed: