How they destroyed Hammond

First, they widened the range his mines are spread.
Then they reduced his shields.
Then they reduced his knockback.
Then they reduced his damage.
They also nerfed a tech by removing it, giving Hammond 2 knockbacks in short succession.
And I am also sure they nerf his slam in the past…
Meanwhile, his counters are buffed (McCree, Roadhog), and those he counters as well (Reinhardt, Orisa)
Yeah gg Blizzard.


They did and that was probably by his hardest nerf by far. It used to be that you couldn’t move your character after being slammed for something like a second and then they reduced it to what it is now where I think it’s almost immediate. Now you can move your hero while int he air to dodge so that not every hit will be a headshot. I think that one was probably necessary, it was incredibly easy to get a kill on anyone who didn’t have an escape, and that was very frustrating, but past that they’ve just went crazy nerfing him into oblivion.


I figure, with the reduced CC in Overwatch 2, they are going to need to make Hammond into a DPS.

Not to mention, how any team below Masters would call it hard throwing, if they got a Hammond as their one single tank.

Who then immediately runs off into the enemy backline.


I like the Hamster and I like to play him. I think he didn’t need the gun damage falloff nerf at all but OK. All of his nerfs are hard but at least he’s still viable. And as long the Chengdu Hunters play Hammond in the OWL, I’m still happy. :hamster:


No mention of crab Hammond nerfs 0/10


The most devastating nerf for Hammond was them removing the power stance tech. All it was was a party trick. A PARTY TRICK. The power stance gave the user of the tech no advantages, it just looked funny.


Pretty sure it actually gave disadvantages… Like technically speaking because that stance was just pure dominance insta win ggs

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They nerfed LOC on it. It used to be that people wouldn’t have mobility for 1 second, then it was nerfed down to .5 seconds.

Honestly just frustrating at this point, Hammond has been meta exactly 1 time for about a month, and never before or after. But it’s totally fine for Tracer to dominate the meta for literal years and get nothing except token nerfs.

The favoritism is really ugly.


Pretty sure Blizzard has either overtuned or overnerfed every single character by this point at least once. Do they even know what balance is? How many braincells should it take to just get something right by try 120912389127

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Honestly I was fine with him until he was hit with the hitscan nerf. He really didn’t need it at all.


The devs don’t play the game at all, that’s the only rationale behind this. They don’t have the understanding or knowledge to realize that Hammond shouldn’t have been mixed in with that patch


Yeah a few heroes were questionable to have been in that hitscan change and ball is definitely one of them

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The fact he is still viable confirms all those that were calling him OP for the longest time before some of the nerfs. Even Yeatle and Harbleu were not upset by the first nerfs because they knew he was OP.

What was the damage nerf? I took a long break.

OR it confirms that tanks as an entire cast have been systemically nerfed and are now much weaker than they used to be. Was Zarya broken op for the longest time? She’s gotten pretty harsh nerfs. Orisa? They were both gutted too with nerfs. The only tank that is objectively stronger than they were a year ago is Winston. You could stretch and make an argument for Rein too. Every other tank has gotten nerfed repeatedly.

Also, the fact that he’s “viable” and at the bottom of the pack shows that nerfs weren’t justified. Just saying. Road hog is “viable”, and so is Moira, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing well…


Yes, yes she was. And her nerfs were mild. Her damange nerf was nothing - 10 at 50%, 5 at 75%. There was nothing harsh about them.

Both have been getting buffs recently instead of nerfs. DVa is doing rather well and Orisa is in the best state she has been in for a long time.

Winston? What did he get? 1 armour buff?

You are going back further in time to claim they are getting nerfed. Recently Rein (ok, Rein didn’t need his and it made him OP), DVa, Orisa, Monkey (I can’t remember his buff) and Hog have had buffs while the 2 more OP heroes got nerfs. I think they did ok with trying to get more tanks played. Don’t forget Sigma too who really did get nerfed into the ground.

Hog currently needs some love because he is too easily countered by a number of heroes including Hanzo, Mcree, Mei and Ana who, apart from Mei, appear in 4 out of 5 games in some combo. Ball could probably do with something and Sigma could do with something because he currently gets run over by the enemy tanks unless he is in a team that can rally round him like at GM.

He’s viable now but he was OP before so, yes, he did need nerfs. You could argue they went too far, and they probably did, but they have obviously been looking at heroes with the most annoying CC and trying to reduce it because it seems to be one of the most complained about things in OW. Ball can be very, very annoying by way of CC and that’s what they want to get rid of. Perhaps they need to buff him somewhere, but not his knockback or his PD.

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fowk this rat in general tbh, freaking fat tracer on steroids.

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the best things to do with hammond is increase his boop by 25%, and unfix his power stance bug. his power stance bug fix was the number 1 worst thing to ever happen in the game and was the most devastating thing to happen to hammond. oh they also could revert his shield nerf but i would only accept that if they reduced his ult duration to 15 seconds and made it so he gains 0 ult charge while his mines are out

He could work as a tank If he got some kind of barrier maybe? When he slams a barrier is deployed on his landing spot or in the air where he begins his slam. He could function similar to Winston but with a higher skill ceiling because of the increased lethality.

ham is dead since the boop nerf. simply not worth playing him unless you are in a hurry to stall or something. all other tanks, and i mean ALL other tanks are just better in everything he does. winston is the go to tank to dive and for everything else, rein is the king of the game.

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