How the SR system actually works?

For what I’ve heard, the SR system only counts your wins and who you’re against to.
In my placements matches for Support I’ve tried my best and did very well (15k healing in 4 matches and 20k healing in the last one), diyng not so much and trying to help my teammates always.
But I’m still stucked in plat for some reason (I lost 3 and won 2) ending up with 2500+ SR. Last season I finished with 2600+ SR.
If it actually works that way, is it literally deniyng all your efforts for your team and simply giving SR for a person that got carried in the whole match? Because always at some point of my climbing to reach Diamond I find someone in my team (plot twist: always in my team) doing stupid things; flank solo (and they die trying), jumping in the enemy backline, ulting for no reason, and the list goes on.
It’s not fair with people that actually exceeds themselves to at least try to get out of the elo that they’re.

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At Platinum and lower ranks, there is a minor influence of personal based skill rating adjustments, which compares the stats of your match in comparison to other players matches who use the same heroes that you did and determine that if you are outperforming with those heroes or not. This is a very minor influence though. Other factors include whether you won or lost, how strong the average team SR of your opponents were, how frequently you play the game on that account, and how close you are to either end of the SR spectrum (the higher you climb technically the less SR you gain, but this is really only noticeable at the GM rank).

It can be difficult in the support role, but every game of Overwatch does rely on the supports to be able to keep their team alive and provide additional damage in order to eliminate the opposing team in every team fight. try not to rely on metals too much as they will not provide very effective details especially in the support role to how well you are exactly performing.


If you get a card in every game as Brig, does that mean you performed well?

It terms of PBSR? No. The cards look for statstics that compare each player in that one match and not comparing the player who used Brigitte to other players in other matches, that used Brigitte.

I just mean in general. I get a card every comp game I play her for defensive assists. Not sure why

Kawumba maintains a detailed guide that breaaks this all down which is sourced from past developer responses.

Brigitta’s inspire is the cause, it is a very powerful AOE healing ability so you rack up Assists as you keep your team alive.

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I know the feeling, having 30k damage and the match lasts 30 mins in a cp map and its a 4-5 still lose or win the same amount of sr. We should get at least 1 sr every gold medal

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I’m on 20 now:

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In terms of performance, medals are extremely misleading. The medal system compare stats only among you and your teammates (who are all playing different roles and heroes). Furthermore, the stats that the medals track are really non-intuitive. Here is why:

  • Eliminations - Anyone who deals any amount of damage to an opponent that contributes to the elimination is credited with that elimination. This is why it is extremely common for heroes like Moira or D.Va to hijack this stat. The stat also does not filter out “trash picks” (eliminations which had no consequence to the team fight).
  • Damage - The damage stat tracks all dealt damage to opposing players including damage that does not contribute to an elimination (damage that is healed up). It does not track damage dealt to barriers or non-playable entities (it used to and that was much worse). The problem with damage is that it’s nearly impossible to filter out trash damage from effective damage.
  • Objective Kills - This is a very inaccurate and worthless stat when it comes to measuring personal performance. You get an objective kill when you eliminate an opponent who is actively contesting the objective area or payload. Most team fights, especially in today’s day and age, take place away from the objective area or payload and usually around key chokeholds that lead to the objective.
  • Objective Time - This is time that you spend actively contesting the objective while an opponent is also on it, or if you are the attacking team player who is pushing a payload or capturing an objective. Remember, with the exception of Overtime or if you are the one member of your team pushing the payload, you really should work to push ahead and hold the chokes the enemy team has to get through to reach the objective.
  • Healing - Healing would be a productive stat except it is almost always going to be a gimme that your two supports will have gold or silver healing, that is going to be straight forward obvious. Now if say Solider.76 or Sombra has gold healing, then yeah time to flame your supports, but it is not surprising and perfectly fine if a Roadhog has Silver or Gold healing if he is doing his job well (as his tanking skill is to “sponge” damage) regardless of the performance of the supports.

Useful stats I recommend trying to follow during the game are:

  • Deaths - Deaths is the ultimate measure of your performance, the more you can stay alive in each team fight, the better you are performing. So the lower this number is, the better you are likely performing. Remember each time you die, that is 10 to 40 seconds you are away from the team fight.
  • Accuracy - Any hero-specific accuracy stat is helpful to try an improve on, try to keep in mind what your general average accuracy for that hero is and work to improve on it each time you play that hero. The more accurate you are, the more effective damage you are likely dealing in a shorter amount of time.

Useful stats to monitor in your Career Profile:

  • Final blows - Avg. Per 10 mins. - Securing eliminations by dealing the final blow is a more revealing stat than just getting an elimination. Monitor this stat and work in to increase it over time.
  • Deaths - Avg. Per 10 mins. - Like the in-game deaths stat, the lower you can work this number, the more likely you are going to be carrying games in Overwatch.
  • Hero specific stats - Some heroes won’t tell a clean picture with Deaths and Final Blows alone. This is when you should look for helpful hero specific stats that highlight their tool kit (Critical Scooped Accuracy for Widowmaker, Time Enemies Frozen for Mei, etc., Inspire up-time rate for Brigitta are such examples.)

I appreciate your answer, it’s good to know that there’s some sort of influence of the performance of the player in the match.
And don’t worry, I don’t rely much on medals. As a Main support I always watch my team and focus healing in the most important picks, aiming always to advantage of my team over the enemy. I usually watch myself playing in replay (a good tool for learning from your mistakes), to see what I actually did in that match.

What I found out is team reliant hero like lucio and sombra are hard to rank up with because they require a certain level of company from your tanks to follow up from a play you made. I know becuase I main sombra and bronze low silver she useless but 2100 and above she gets better. And her value goes up in a team fight as you get higher in the ranks. I ranked from 1500 to plat want dimond this season with her

Well yeah, you went 2w/3l.
If you want to go +400-500SR and get into diamond, from 2500-2600 plat, it will require something like +25 wins and 25-30 hours of comp game play.

Like lets say you can hold a 58% win rate, for the entire time you play comp. Then 220 games later you’re at 127w/93L and in low diamond. Comp is a grind, not a race.
It’s kind of like weight loss. Set a goal way in the future, then slowly slog forward.


I mean that is the definition of plat…

Also if you had SR the previous season, the placements don’t really do anything…

I applaud this well thought out response.

I would like to counter the notion that just because currently players are fighting at chokes, not the point is good strategy but it’s why stuff is jacked and hurts people that are playing their role.

Any warfare that has occurred involved plans, some might even dare to call them objectives.

running to the kill box, or what you call choke points opens flanks, kills healers and allows smart teams to dive. And dive with success.

Regarding playing objectives and getting wins.
Any care about several flanks if you “Hold the choke”

Thinking in terms of non-ideal play strategies which is what fighting the choke leads to: pushing, feeding, People diving as road hog thinking they can do it all, Moira’s going straight battle and everyone feeling super good until The Roll of the Team happens. Every. Single. Time.

It is interesting how many times I (still) have to explain this in some matches. Another downside to it, is that is it is shared. I a sense that it is not uncommon to have multiple players have gold.

I think Eliminations was put in with the best intentions of removing comments to the tune of: “I have 18 kills. What have you done?”

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