How the do i contact you?!


I’ve been trying for over an hour to contact you cn and I CAN’T. This is not the first time I’ve had this problem. This is f inexcusable. All I get is a damn submit ticket that I CANT SUBMIT. I have a damn problem that does NOT include some fn error file. Contact me on the following emails: ANYONE:
(Don’t put your Email addresses in public)


I’m pretty sure this angle will help you.

One possible solution would be to do a search in forums for possible like posts or answers.



For a Technical category issue you need to include the Dxdiag and Msinfo, if you don’t attach these files you will not be able to submit a ticket. It would be helpful to fill out the “Error Text”, Attach a screenshot of the error if possible but not needed.

Now if you continue to not see the “Continue” button highlight there maybe a browser extension or setting conflict causing the problem. In this case you would want to try another web browser such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or IE.

Thank you.