How OP Mercy Heal Is


Playing dive somewhat, and Widow and Ashe could not die even with Winstons combo techs.


Doesn’t mean it’s op.
They would have survived regardless of the support helping them. Your best course of action against any support, but especially Mercy, is to focus the support.
When you try to kill something being healed by Mercy, if one of your teammates is trying to kill Mercy, you make their attempt to kill the Mercy pointless because her self-regen is linked to the damage she heals.


oh didnt know that was how it goes yet, my bad.
like i read the patch for it, but i didnt know that it was important to plan around.

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Mercy is simply not phased by Winton as much as other supports.

  • Her mobility out matches his own.
  • Her range exceeds his good damage.
  • Her healing can’t be stopped by ammo or blocked by LoS such as shield.

The only thing she fails with is she can’t kill him reliably or stop him at all. He takes spaces, she gives it up. If at any time your team is hit by two or more winston zaps he just wins the damage game.

If you are canceling Winston’s damage with healing you are just stalling the situation and the moment anyone else comes by to do damage you can’t burst heal them at all. The other bit too is she just dies if caught without a target to escape from.


The enemy with sustain wins the fight? Shocker lol.


It is insane how mercy is allowed to be so broken for so long with having almost no drawbacks compared to any other healer.


You mean except the drawback of doing close to no damage, which is a pretty huge drawback, as well as having a fairly mediocre ult?


Supports doesn’t need to do a lot of dmg anyway. Their main purpose is to heal. Any time spent dpsing is time spent for not healing.

Also dmg boost say hi.

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Healing is so overtuned in this game. It’s not just one healer.

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I’m sorry, but that’s such a bronze take.
A lot of supports do need and are supposed to do a lot of damage.
If you don’t do a decent amount of damage on Bap, Zen, Kiriko and Brig, you are playing them pretty inefficient.

Okay, but dmg boost still does not equate to the same dmg output that other supports have.


I mean Mercy is broken, that much is fact.

But in this game you had a classic example of what’s wrong when fighting Mercy and her pocketed targets.
You need to focus Supports, Mercy most of all.

I’m only about mid-rank player myself (so maybe someone could correct me here) but from what I saw your team went quite a dive comp against poke comp (which is correct). In fact the enemy had 2 snipers - perfect for Winston honestly!

The problem was your DPS seemed to have less dmg than the enemy and prioritized the wrong targets. If Genji and Sombra dived with you against those snipers they’d have no chance even with pocket healing. Also you could easily focus on Supports but the person who mostly shot at that Mercy was… Lucio.
Winston is great against poke comps but he really sucks in the dmg department. He won’t kill a pocketed Widow. If you feel you are alone out there its better to focus on pressuring Mercy rather than actually going for Ashe and Widow. Theirs Weaver also did a fairly good job of getting her out whenever she was low.

Meanwhile enemy Tank swapped against you to JQ. This gave them a lot of power against your backline.
If your DPS pulled their resources with you and dived together you could pretty much eliminate their backline easily, even through Mercy’s healing. But everyone shooting for himself is not gonna work in a dive comp - not enough DMG.

Still in this match I’d shield around snipers, shoot at their entire backline to whittle everyones health, and when I would need to choose I would go for LW (he might have a tough time bailing out on his own), which would probably force Mercy to his side to heal him, and then try to take them both out or at least pressure them enough so they have to retreat.

One other advice I might give - if your dive DPS don’t coordiate with you, try picking Dva rather than Winston. She’s gonna do better against Mercy - you can consistently follow her into the air and do more dmg than a solo-Winston does.

But that’s just my take. I might be wrong here…

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There. Fixed it for you.


Ah… you broke it even further.

Mercy is broken.
Too useful for too little effort.
In lower ranks she dominates the match. In higher ranks she gets little to no value.
She’s the sole reason unhealthy comps exist - boosted Pharah, boosted Soldier, boosted Bastion…

It’s not simply a skill issue. It’s a balance issue already.
Thats very much what a “broken” hero looks like. Bastion from OW1 was exacty that.

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No one likes fighting a tank, landing shots, getting them low, only for them to be a full health when your next shot lands?

Just looking at Overbuff (which I know is not the perfect measurement, but the best we got)
Ana is picked more than Mercy in every single rank and her winrate is not much worse.
Kiriko and Moira are picked more than her in certain ranks too.
So please explain why Mercy with a pretty standard winrate across all ranks and with a high, but not the highest, pickrate is broken.
Just the fact alone that you think that she gets little to no value in high ranks shows that you don’t really know how Mercy works.

Bastion was a skill issue and not much else.


Kill mercy first.

Unbelievable how many people dont grasp the order of operations in this game.

Kill the healers first.

If you dont— you are feeding.

Constantly shooting at an oppenent that has pocket mercy makes your damage look great. But you arent accomplishing anything for your team. ( as u yourself already mentioned) …

but you are very well love by the other team for constantly feeding their healers ults. Giving those healers the ability to keep the person ur shooting alive easier.


If shes healing- she cant shoot back. Just kill her.


Yes, of course. It’s so simple. Kill the hero with a tiny hit box, regenerating heath who can fly away in an instant.

I doubt anyone doesn’t fundamentally understand this concept, but simply saying, “kill Mercy first” severely oversimplifies the task.

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*regenerating health if you don’t focus her down.
She doesn’t have a perma 20HPS regen, she has a regen that either activates if you allow her to heal her team while you chase her down or don’t shoot her for 2 seconds


It really doesnt.

Shes a squishy… and theres a beam trsil that leads you right to her if you cant find her.

And there are absurd numbers of ppl who dont understand the conceept… have u ever played this game?

How many times do you hear fps screaming for heals while theyre doing junk damage to a tank? all while the mercy has 0 deaths and 3x healss of anyone in the game? Then they see their damage— and think theyre doing great— and they see the enimies heals sky high- and think their heals suck?

But in reality their heals are fine— they jus doin junk damage cuz they dont understand the game… or how to read the stats… and not targeting the healers at all. They blame the their own heals but its 100% them not understanding strat and feeding.


No. You don’t really get balance if you say such stuff.

Everything could be argued to be a skill issue. Even obviously broken stuff like Launch Brig. “You can’t kill her? I can. Obviously skill issue”. You could say this about everything if you spin it just the right way.

But some “skill issues” at certain points become “balance issues”. Bastion had too much value for actually doing nothing. Put him on a payload, shield with Rein and boost with Mercy. You didn’t even need to move a muscle and the game plays itself at this point.
Meanwhile the entire enemy team has to flex everything they have to counter this BS.

When 1 hero’s very existance makes everyone else need to swap and focus him or steadily lose, this stops being skill and is now balance issue. Especially because she only needs to hold M1/M2 and simply exist, without doing much sweating. Also very mobile with nearly no cooldown on her mobility + probably the smallest hitbox out of all Support heroes.

If she was balanced like you claim, then the player on Mercy would give exactly the same advantage and require similar skill as other Support players in his rank do. They do not.
In lower to mid elos she gives huge value to her team for almost no expense.