How Mercy SHOULD have been Nerfed. (From a Master Mercy Player)

Also, why should Mercy’s GA have a longer CD than Tracer’s blink when she’s also limited by range and LoS of her teammates? Just like Tracer Mercy is highly dependent on her movement to do the most basic aspect of her kit. Not to mention Mercy’s lack of self defense makes it essential for her to be on the move to not be easy prey or demand a “baby sitter”.

It could be 2 seconds CD, but certainly not more.


She needs a higher skill ceiling before she gets buffed

No. Just no. Nerfing GA would leave her even more useless in higher ranks. She needs the 2 second cooldown to escape from flankers with a lot of mobility. Nerfing this wouldn’t make her more skill rquiering, it would make her even less fun and you’d be feeling even worse after dying.


Thing is, the devs needed mercy nerfed harder at higher ranks than lower ranks.

So they went with the right nerf.

It just wasn’t scaled properly when factoring in the Ana buff.

Right now, the most basic buff would be something like 55hps, and 1.25sec cast on Rez.

I already feel bad dying to a genji swift strike that caught up to me before I could fully reach my team while trying to GA to safety

Which, when it was at 60/second, even before the introduction of Valkyrie, translated to the best healing in the game. She had the highest healing dealt/game out of any hero.

Valkyrie is hardly even an ultimate.

Resurrect is overpowered as an E ability. You might notice that they had to slash Mercy’s healing to drop Mercy from must-pick status, when her healing was completely fine at 60/second for the 10 seasons prior.

Did you miss that fact that Mercy was absurdly overpowered for nearly a year? They gave her flat nerfs because nothing else would bring her more in line with balance without reworking her again.

I might point out that Mercy 1.x never had this problem.

For the sake of simplicity and to save myself the hassle of articulating everything again, I’ll just deposit this here:
Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

And will contradict the fact that Mercy is supposed to be an insanely mobile hero.

If you’re going to play the rank card, expect to get one-upped.

Try GM from seasons 4 through 6 before going inactive. Two of those were prior to the rework. I didn’t need to ride upon the back of a brokenly-overpowered hero to get there.


It was underpowered for the most part and very iconic. Plus it wasnt an issue at all and only got problematic when some people discovered and SR bug and abused it.

And thats why many of us took the time and effort into helping making this.


Care to elaborate?

Guardian Angel is the only thing thats balanced about Mercy atm.


LOL no its not. GA is braindead and requires absolutely NO skill to use. Players spam it every 1.5 seconds and it’s essentially easy, infinite mobility. Increasing CD by 1.5 seconds slightly allows for more windows of time an enemy can fight her before she gets away. She will still be extremely mobile more than any other hero, it will just make mercy players THINK about which target they’re flying towards, and position better if they want to stay alive.

Yea, no you didn’t even address any of my points.
I’m not even gonna argue against your “braindead” arguement because it may be one of the most poorly thought out things I’ve read on here.
I reiterate GA is not a problem, if it was it likely would’ve been identified long long ago and changed when all she had was it and her ult.

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Id argue her current state is healthier for the game than she has been for a long time. Up until this current patch she was a must pick after the rework, and before that invuln mass rez while hiding was for sure unhealthy. Not saying she was overpowered b4 rework, just poor design to incentivize hiding instead of healing. She might be a bit weak now, but at least there is no hide and seek rez and she isnt a must pick anymore, only took almost a year.

Mmmm, excellent way to nerf more fun out of the hero. Yes, most excellent.

Get. Rez. Off. Of. E. Make it mass rez again, give it restrictions. Or put a charge of rez on Valk and nerf Valk’s duration to 10 seconds to compensate. But get it off of E.

Stop messing with Mercy’s basic kit that was never a problem before the rework.


To be fair she had the broken sr gains for 2/3 of those seasons, many mercy mains with under 50% win rate in gm and top500 those days.

I saw her and thought OMG OP guardian angel… :smiley:

Mercy’s “infinite mobility” (ha!) wasn’t a problem before they put rez on a cooldown.

Kind of like how being able to boost Hanzo’s dragons wasn’t a problem before Hanzo got reworked and started getting his ult way too often.

Nerfing GA will turn out like the nerf to damage boost: it will put a bandaid over the symptom, but it won’t fix the problem.

BTW, “Infinite mobility?” Really? Is that what we’re calling GA, the thing that requires a teammate to be in range and in your LoS to use at all, and can only go to that teammate?

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GA and it’s infinite mobility is the unadressed elephant in the room nobody realizes is the issue. No hero should be able to travel halfway across the map with a 1.5 second cooldown. That’s what’s broken. Her healing output is actually less than Moira and Ana overall. It’s just her infinite mobility, and I will continue to stand by that and share my thoughts regardless of any critisism that comes my way.

The SR broken SR gains began during season 5, and those were only abusable via gunning for mass-revives. I rose to GM during season 4, when there were a lot of reports of the opposite effect happening for support/Mercy mains.

“halfway across the map”

Guardian Angel’s max range: 30 meters

Meanwhile, most maps are much more crowded and rarely have sight lines that long.

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They were there before season 5, pretty sure they came with the invlun mercy patch. So many mercy players shot up thousands of sr during season 4. Not calling you boosted or anything, just that she had broken sr gains then.