How massive was the Ban wave on EU servers anyways?

Top 500 down to 3,5k, just how freakishly massive was the ban wave? Most have been way beyond the thousands.

Unbelievably good job regardless sweeping so many in one go :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

It was a really big ban wave and many false positives. We had many reports on the forum of this.


Well that is a lie. There is no such thing. Ever. I have never ever been banned for cheating in any game ever, and I have atleast 2-3k hours across my main account this and another so in OW. Not to talk about WoW. It is complete BS. If you got banned you cheated or were dumb enough to run mouse macros when you have been explicitly warned not to.

There are no false bans. That is just a fact. I have never seen one, and one of my friends that said he was, had been using a macro. Thou he only got suspended for 2 years in fact, but still. Follow the rules and you are gucci. Be dumb enough not to, get the axe, deservedly.

There wasn’t a ban wave. There was however a massive drop in players when the beta ended.

If there was a ban wave, the T500 would have less than 500 people in it for a few days


This is simply false. The highest level overwatch player ever was banned and it was a false ban. Eventually overturned because of his high-profile. One can only imagine how many players were falsely banned who without a sizable following have no such recourse.


Was probably correct, but they though it smart not to ban him coz the player in question brought in good PR by streaming or whatever. The amount of other high profile players caught in other video games for cheating just straight up proves it. I mean pro athletes paid millions(pretty good incentive actually) cheat why would some random teenager on the internet not do it? For some fame and internet points.

There are no such thing a false positives. Than again, so many millions of us would in over the span of so many years, swapping out our programs and equipment so many times, never ever get caught for cheating prove that statement false otherwise. Fact is we do not, coz we have not getting banned in all that time, in all those years.

Stop cheating. Enjoy playing the game instead of getting banned. It really is that simple.


No they’re most definitely are. Last time there was a ban wave there were loads of complaints on the forum and they were eventually resolved, at least some of them.

Reporting that they eventually got unbanned with an apology email from blizzard.

Why would he do it on his main account which is the highest level account ever on overwatch? Why would he put that account at risk? Why would he do it on stream? Why wouldn’t he just do it on an alternate account?

TreeBoyDave in case you were interested in looking up the case.

I’m not sure why people pretend that blizzard’s systems are perfect.

I see a bunch of cheaters whining thou. Why would people quit coz the beta ended? It would make them come back and play the game if anything.

There absolutely is such a thing as false positives… any developer in the entire world will tell you so. You also don’t know how the anticheat works or what it looks for. Don’t you also remember the streamer years ago showing that getting enough people to spam reports automatically can get you banned…?? The epitome of a false positive. No software is perfect, they are bound to happen.

The number of false positives will be minuscule if it’s well designed, but they will almost ALWAYS happen.

A good example being all of my accounts being flagged as “account compromised” and I was forced to reset my PC for them to stop being banned. False positive.


I remember when Blizzard banned people who had the NERVE to play their games on Linux.

You are delusional if you think there are no false positives whatsoever. I still remember when Blizzard banned almost all Overwatch players that played on Linux by mistake, not once but twice. Last time was last year and it was accompanied by a forum post that said they banned 10000 players in the banwave. Lutris, the most popular way to play overwatch on Linux, reports that 6000 people have Overwatch on their library. Luckily the amount of people reporting they have been falsely banned was huge and it was pretty easy to figure out the main common thing among them. And thus Blizzard promptly unbanned the players.
Fun fact: Blizzard support did not help these players at all when they were falsely banned and simply sends generic responses (“our decision is final” etc) and closes the tickets. What is funnier is that they even did so after the accounts were already unbanned.
And if you think this is a Blizzard only problem you are also delusional. There have been countless times where CSGO VAC bans have reverted due to false positives.
False positives are rare, but they do exist. Be grateful that you are not in the extremely super low percentage of players falsely banned and if you are, that you get quickly unbanned.


Only if you allow a ban depending on the amount of reports and no data evidence or software alerts. Usually that would only mean and temporal hold until a manual review can be made for the case. In short not really a false positive by any means, but a precaution due to strong suspicions.

If you get permanently banned and they outright ignore your whining and pleading they have hard evidence for you braking the rules. Again there is a reason so many of us never ever been banned.

When was this ban wave? I’ve seen nobody talking about it? I’m on EU servers.

No false positives?

Inappropriate behavior is not th same as cheating. If a player gets banned due to false reporting and their ingenious autobahn system they will obviously overrule it if their is no evidence of said behavior. Bans for cheating are permanent due to the fact they have found something that flagged their system. Only if they find out their was an error would they overrule it. Which is not very likely, frankly it does not even happens, only in rare cases of major hick ups and several thousands has the same issue. Happens like never. If you individually banned you more than likely overstepped your boundaries. Play on windows, avoid doing shady stuff and enjoy the game. You’ll never get banned for cheating. 20+ Years experience here following that exact method, playing games on 5 different systems at home, and countless cyber cafes.