How Mass rez was more fun than now and if it was even healthy

If your entire team dies your momentum crashes even if you rez them up right after and I never implied that all single target rezzes are tempo rezzes.

Mercy being underpowered doesn’t mean mass rez didn’t need reworking and her kit was always kinda missing something. I’d lean toward a substantially reworked valkyrie+instant single target rez.

People have to carefully select their rez targets on live at the moment anyway.

Barring the implementation of some resource system that’s kinda what I said?

Current rez proves otherwise. The goal was always to prevent a numbers advantage; gaining it requires waiting for someone to die on the enemy team, and more people to die on your team.

And I’d rather dump that ultimate. It is by far the worst designed ultimate in the game.

I’m confused.

The majority of tempo rezzes are a subset of single target rezzes, but not a superset.

Like people who watch OWL are nearly always OW players, but saying so does not mean that they aren’t people who saw it on TV that have never touched the game before.

I wouldn’t go in that direction but am not opposed to that. It’s mass rez I have a problem with.

The best use of mass rez was always to gain or maintain the numbers advantage, not to simply even things out. You can use it that way, and in some situations it can be useful, but more often than not, it’s not worth using until you can get more value out of it.

Current rez is powerful because it doesn’t cost anything. You will have another rez in 30 seconds no matter what.

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Would this mass Resurrect idea be any good?

Woah whole new ability, ah wait it’s another mercy thread about mass ress. Basically another wall of water text, your arguments like -" Val is unfun, mass ress cool and fun" without any explanations.

Titanium’s thread explains all of that pretty well, actually.


Literally what I was going to say XD.

Old mercy was pretty healthy. If they just would made the ult LoS it would be perfectly fine. To 90% of the time this 5 man rez did not happen. Its true that the current mercy rez more than twice as much as the old one. Often times you used it to rez two and sometimes just to rez the tank that died just in the middle of the fight. Current rez is a lot unhealthier for the game game at the old one. Also when they got a team wipe and missed the mercy… it was there fault. Back then all people understand what mercy could do and baited the rez or killed her first. It was also more stressful for the mercy because what do you think happens when you rez for fast or to late…

It was a engaging teamfight back then and nowadays the fights are more simple and require less awareness to win.

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And I find it hard to understand what you don’t understand about that not being a problem inherent to mass rez, and that most people suggest tweaks.

Actually, I do. You don’t want to actually understand because it is simple.

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Emm ok, I knew it. But what the point of this thread?

Blah blah says Mercy mains only. Mass res is universally the stupidest, most OP skill ever designed, ever.

Single res is OP, and doesnt belong in game without several drawbacks to the recipient being added. Multires is just dumb, and those continually campaigning for it need to grow up and learn how to move on with their lives, it ain’t coming back.

Mass Resurrect is OP apparently. Oh wait, single Resurrect is also OP. LMAO, make up your mind. Also, might I add that Mercy was underpowered with mass Resurrect before and only become remotely viable after her invulnerability buff (which most of us don’t want if mass Resurrect was to come back).

I assumed your post was in response to the one above it. Hard to tell sometimes, since the forums only tell you whether or not a post is a reply if there’s another post between it and the one it’s replying to.

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Current rex is stronger… a lot stronger. 5 man raz was one in every 20 games and mass rez even used to rez one person.

You trshtalking right now.

Within the confines of your typical teamfight, i.e. <30 seconds, you get one single target rez regardless, yet using it to maintain a full team proved to be quite optimal in both Mercy meta pro usage, and pre-rework usage on Pharmercy comps.

[Citation Required]

Mass rez is OP, that’s why Mercy was never OP when she had it and was even underpowered until she got invuln during it, at which point she was still only comparable with other healers (even after Ana had been nerfed) and was rarely used in high level play. :thinking:


Back then mercy was not used in pro machetes because she was to weak. Current rez is more problematic then old mass rez.