How many maps were removed from competitive?

I just realized that multiple maps are missing from comp, an entire map type even. What sort of boundless idiot decided to remove so many maps and why?

All but 12. Three maps of every type remain in the pool. Learn more here:

Learn more about this season’s map pool, go here:

To my knowledge, there was an update recently that made it so that there’s only a few maps you can play on in comp every season. As far as I know, Horizon Lunar Colony and Paris are still not in the map rotation. But I think they decided to do thia because playing with a smaller map pool is better for competitve plau because it makes the maps easier to learn.

EDIT: Nvm just look at what Wyoming said lol

I feel like im playing same map over and over and over, they need to add more, of give us map editor so we can make ours, its getting crazy boring, and remove hanamura and temple of anubis, i never want to see those maps again

These maps get tedious to play after a while of comp. but removing them will just lower the amount of maps which means less variety as there were before removing these maps. I must say the map pool is getting boring but the only reason it exists cause no one wants to play Paris and HLC on comp

taking the variety of maps from comp away was an awful choice, you just play the same maps over and over again, just leave all the maps in so it’s not 3 maps rotating over and over again… whats the point of making so many maps in the first place then? if you get a crappy map that you dont like, then you might as well not play that season of comp cause you gonna get that over and over again with no other choices

Expect those maps to return to the Competitive pool in a future season.

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There are many more than two maps missing. It’s ridiculous to me how counter-productively soft the leadership of this game is. Jesus Christ, Overwatch is the furthest thing there is from rocket science. It’s one of the simplest games you could be playing. What pretentious nitwit decided that the map pool needed to be limited so that people could “learn” the maps? Are you kidding me!? I’m disgusted. Can you imagine taking yourself this seriously?

Did even 5% of the Overwatch community ask for several maps to be taken out of the rotation? I feel like if I see Temple of Anubis one more time I’m going to vomit. For all the incompetence on display in this game, an unnecessary decision like this takes the cake. The variety of the map pool was one of the positives of Overwatch, and these numbskulls decided that what people needed was to learn the maps… these are the same geniuses, by the way, who provide minimal hero detail.

Well no offence, but it’s not the greatest news I have received. But thanks for the heads up :smile:

I am under the suspicion they have map reworks planned for those two Assault maps. This is because both Season 19 and 20 have not used these two.

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You may not be getting certain maps in a series of matches. Since the introduction of Role Queue, the matchmaker no longer tries to consider your most recently played matches when finding a match for you.

I knew it was coming eventually for some time now. Heroes of the Storm does this for their ranked mode and it is a common practice for esport competitions including the Overwatch League.

As a friendly reminder, the game only started with 12 maps when it launched back in 2016.

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I’m glad they moved the whole map and not just part of it :thinking:

To add, you can also see which maps are playable in game by going to the competitive tab and clicking on the more info button.

I’ve played for like 40 hours over the past week.

Because that game is a terrific example to follow in terms of how little to put on the plates of players.

Those are the words I never wanted to hear lol

Do you know if they reworked those maps or no?