How many leavers you getting?

New season and nothing has changed. 4 matches in and there is a leaver every match so far. Not always my team. Think they will ever get something figured out?


Just 1 in 6 placements so far. We very nearly won the 5v6 as well, but they pullet out the bastion and it was over

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0 out of 7 games so far.

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8 out of my 10 open que placements had a kid either leave or throw because we asked him to switch


Same here…8 placements and 5 games with leavers…ridiculous…


What rank are you? I get a leaver every 20+ games. 0 so far in all my placements, across 2 competitive modes.

Open Queue placements, xbox.

5:5, silver.

1x game canceled
3x leavers on my team
2x enemy leavers. :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


Bronze about every 3rd game there is a leaver in game. get several games cancelled. Guess it’s a way of life. Good thing is 1 more dps placement and I can #walkaway


1 leaver in ~18 games.

I can see why people leave open q alot of players are just trolling open q .

I’d say a leaver about every 5-6 games, if you include before the match starts then maybe 1 in 4 or so. SR range around 2.5-3k.

This thread is completely pointless if people aren’t actually writing down every game. Everyone has their bias and it’s showing.

I would say almost half of my 15 placement games had a leaver, I think 6/15 actually

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I’m at a 40% leaver rate in bronze. Around 3/4 of those are cancels. I’ve also noticed MUCH harder games after a cancel --> priority queue. Like someone tapping-out engages a reshuffling of the smurfs and throwers. I also gained 7sr on one win to go from 992 to 999sr, being denied 1000, and ofc inducing a string of leavers (always on my team) to drop back my gains for the day.


Several times today, my entire team left lol. Had a few games, enemy team members left… It’s got to be something like 33% of all games I’ve seen in the near past and present have had leavers.

It’d be great if BLIZZARD would try and do anything to prevent it.

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Easy fix, dont tell others to switch :smiley:

How? when someone lose connection, blizzard cant do anything to avoid it.

Lots, when we’re winning too, about to close the deal, then they gain momentum and we lose… looks almost like a hack

You mean like silence your account? Because clearly you are causing people to leave. 0 leavers still in about 25 games this season (well 1 left and came back 20 seconds later, but I don’t imagine you’re counting those).

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I think they are counting leavers who leave before game even starts. But there is no reason to, they are not affecting results from games. Most players is probably not even being honest about true numbers.

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