How many comp points do you start with?

Hi guys, I’m a 2388 SR EU player and have played comp in only season 11 and 12 with 45 hours on Hanzo in total (qp/comp/arcade) and probably 10-15 hours on all other heroes.

So, I was kinda puzzled at how I have 3000 comp points. Is it because you start off with 2000 before doing comp? I never paid much attention lol. Thank you.

At the end of each Competitive Season, you earn bonus competitive points based on the highest rank you reached in each season. Here is the breakdown:

Maybe you accumulated it with the other seasons and end of season rewards and you had no idea. Either way if you start comp freshly and play 10 placements you have 150 comp points if you win all 10

Ah this is really helpful, cheers!