How long will I be banned/suspended?

Funny thing is that a stable broadband connection is required, its on the terms of use/instructions of the game so yeah , that’s on him.

To the OP, it is what it is. You are not meeting the requirements to play Comp often, therefore you will get eventually totally banned from playing that mode. They are not going to change those conditions, its how it works for everybody.

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When I first got the game it had a consistent 105 ping but as updates went by my ping only went up

If any of what’s happening to you happened to any of us, we would be in the same boat you’re in.

It sucks, but it is what it is.

Sorry, but dont play comp if you know you have a high chance of disconnescting. You ruin the game for your team as you leave them in 5v6 situations.

Play casual modes instead.

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Thats all good and well. However as has been said, if you continue to have bad internet problems the system is just going to ban you permanently. Its a crap hand to be dealt but it’s just the way it is Blizzard’s view is that you are having a detrimental effect on 5 other players by constantly D/Cing from games so it the system takes the only action it can. ( im not hacking on your wealth or financial situation here so please dont take it that way ).

game updates =/= ping.

I don’t think this proves you’re playing seriously, it just proves you have some anger issues. It’s not at all healthy to get that upset over a loss in a video game.


You should quit OW. You dont belong in comp because of your bad internet connection, and you dont like QP. You are better off playing a different game. One with a solo focused approach

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UltraBlader, if you have no timer on the locked Competitive Play option, then that is a season ban. If you have had three or more season bans, then you are permanently banned from Competitive Play and will no longer be able to access the mode on your account.

One of the system requirements of Overwatch specifically states that you must have a broadband internet connection. Now realistically, this doesn’t have to be the best possible internet connection. I myself play at home with only a 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload with no problems, I have tested the game to as low as 3 Mbps download speed.

I am under the distinct impression you live either in the countryside or in a third-world country where established network infrastructure is not adequate for the use of online games. Sadly, this simply means that if you do not have the means to play Overwatch, then you need to find a way to make it happen or simply stop playing.

That being said, I will say there are many steps you can check out to see if you can improve your connection, this guide is always a good starting point:

I know this is not necessarily what you want to hear, but understand that in order to minimize the impact leavers have on other player’s games, all penalties will always apply to any crashes or disconnections when playing Overwatch. Learn more about this policy here:


Dont play comp,

Play Quickplay

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I can sympathise with you, OP. I had dial up internet until 2010. No other options were available and … I was addicted to World of Warcraft. XD

The struggle is real, my dude.

And I honestly think people are being a bit harsh with their attitude and wording here. No one has the right to tell you what you can’t do (well except Blizzard, in this case, obviously), so you can play comp if you want to run the risk. However, it’s probably in the best interest of yourself and others that you hold off on that until you eventually get a stable connection.

I mean, you don’t want your account perma banned from comp, and then a year later faster speeds are offered to your area, right? (Or faster speeds become affordable, in your case.)

Anyway! I don’t know your specific region or the rules that apply to your country, but something I did that you might can do is get involved on a community-wide scale.

I got petitions signed from locals requesting higher speeds for our area. I went door to door to collect signatures, directed them where to send emails and letters, gave them numbers to call, etc.

Get people involved.

Also, harrass the crap out of your locals ISPs. Call them every month checking on the status of plans for your area, etc. The goal isn’t to be annoying, but to be persistent.

My sister and I are literally the reason our area got DSL as quickly as it did. (And now we’ve moved up to cable and yay, everything’s almost up to speed with the rest of the world. XD) Point is, it doesn’t take an army - just one or two dedicated people.

If something like that is permitted in your country, I highly suggest you try it. Most people will sign a petition if you explain nicely, even if they don’t personally care one way or the other. Request faster speeds or fair pricing, or whatever is blocking you and your neighbors from having decent interwebz.

Good luck!

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True. And Blizzard penaltiezes you so that the many other players that also paid for the game do not get … up because of you.

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Maybe get a group together for QP? If you group you’re more likely to face other groups and gets more competitive experience even in QP.

It’s best to stay out of comp for now (even when the ban goes away). You’ll just get perma-banned and you’ll be unhappy about that if you ever move, your internet improves, or your fortunes change and you can buy a better connection.

No just quit Comp until your internet is stable. You can play the other modes, there is backfill in those.

I would upgrade y our internet.

Wow this is a huge assumption. He might live in Oakland.

The wording is consistent with that of other posts that I have seen that relate to such a situation. It sounds like this is a long term problem that he has been trying to deal with since starting to play. I could be wrong, but I think it is a safe assumption.

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Just an fyi…
People in the third world don’t like to be referred to as “Third World”
It’s somewhat condescending.
But I live in NYC so… whatever…

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I mean that is a perfectly valid defense as far as I am concerned.

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The term “third world” isn’t condescending, it’s actually a very neutral term but like most terms you can charge them in a negative way and use them in a condescending context in order to be rude.
Simply stating that people who live in countries which can be defined as third world contries might have issuees playing online games isn’t rude.

People these days gets offended by everything…