How is this fair?

So i took the first 50 days of season 9 off to focus on school, and i come back and do all 10 placements with my brother, all 10 games of course im support, hes torbing. EVERY GAME.
He wasnt throwing he swapped accordingly if the map didnt fit.
My problem here. I always had gold healing playing Mercy Lucio Ana etc. Some games even Moira got me 4 golds. ALONG with having to solo heal 4 games. PLEASE TELL ME WHY, we won 5 ,drawed 2 and lost 3. he got placed 2890, and i get 2050?!!??
I know supports dont get alot of a SR to begin with, but im at a loss of words. If this is the kind of bs you get for playing support, dont get me wrong im a support main, BUT how the hell is that fair?
Apologies for my dictation. Posting from my Cellphone.
TIPS appreciated.
Anyone else experience this?

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So basically since I decided to take a break I’m penalized ?
To snowball on top of that last statement why would blizzard take into consideration last season if your going to continue to introduce new seasons?
Towards the end of the season there is ALWAYS throwers, toxic people knowing they are going to be placed low so they continue to throw.
It’s a never ending circle basically.
We try to advance just to be thrown back to square 1 next season?
I’ve worked my butt off to get to plat 3 seasons ina row didn’t see any change with those season placements…

It’s normal to drop a little in placements. Considering you ended last season at 2125, 2050 isn’t that big of a shift, especially after an extended break.

Literally just got out of a game from junkertown. I choose heals and 4 dps instant lock. Hanzo getting flamed, 2 quitters. IM PENALIZED. NOT FAIR
It should go off ur season high. if u look @ my previous seasons ive made it to plat. spent hundreds of hours working my butt off going from gold to plat, just to be penalized for other peoples actions towards the end of the season. Conclusion ->
Its a money scheme. U penalize accounts so people are forced to make other accounts to “attempt to get higher placements” Why not make your more intense game type with the rules that you can only play champs that have x amount of game time on their characters?. Just a thought

Your SR is based off relative performance with the hero you play. Since Torb is played less it is easier to be “good” Torb and get a better SR…as mentioned blizzard doesn’t believe in “fresh starts” and won’t let you leave your old data behind if you were a 2000 the system wants to keep you a 2000 so even after time off, a fresh season, and skill improvement…the system still uses your old SR to calculate your new placement.

basically just confirming my last response. Money money money. end of discussion.

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Word for word. I couldn’t climb so I made multiple accounts :joy::joy::joy: