How is the penalty of being disconnected in Overwatch fair, if I couldn't even connect to the server at first place?

When queuing for competitive, if it says “game found” or “joining game” for 3 seconds, quit overwatch and relaunch. This has worked for me to get around the “failed to join” error. By the time you get back you should have the option to rejoin the match if it had actually found one, otherwise it will be the normal “play” link but you won’t be suspended.

If you leave it at “joining game” for too long, then it fails, you’ll get the suspension if it actually had 11 other people in a match waiting for you.

Ok but

You do tho

This doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem

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Doesnt mean he does have a problem either. Quit acting like shill protecting this game, everyone knows its not working properly, has these problems. Players like you who are single minded saying everything is the problem of the player and the game cant possibly have anything wrong with it.

If his account is getting booted on 3 separate strong networks, that sounds like an issue of the games servers, not his account or networks.

You react poorly when people challenge your narrative

You are a charlatan troll, throwing your ignorance around with SJW verbiage while trying to be passive-aggressive with everything; especially when someone is capable of pointing out you are wrong.

Let me know when that person shows up :joy:

BrokenNinja & Koringul . Please don’t go off topic.

It wasn’t off topic. I’m simply preventing the spread disinformation.

Entitlement breeds narrative bias. What you went through was a bug. Others are equating that to the consequences of their ignorance.

Well yea the servers have been Werid ive been gettiing dc and random lag spikes ONLY in overwatch recently i can play smite apex legends and leauge with np but as soon as i play overwatch it starts to mess up

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Update, it has happened once again!

Thank you Blizzard for penalizing me, a daily player of Overwatch because of some server sided problem!

This is a you problem if it’s this frequent

No its not. Server side issues are frequent for some clients. Its not a local network problem, or a client application problem. This has been going on since before launch during beta. Their Authentication Servers and Match Servers fail to communication and drop Auth. Tokens; so thus the player gets dropped for no reason. Some players get it a lot, some get it rarely at random.

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Some players need to stop queuing for comp

It’s not frequent and not ‘me’ problem.

Big brain idea right there.

Thank you for proving my point

All i know if a player leaves mid game the team he was in must not loose SR. Its not fair tbh coz they did not leave and just lost sr coz of an idiot.

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Try to read the posts above before replying ?

I did and i know it is not on the same page as the post but it is almost about the same thing. I was just adding on to the post about the other things im not satisfied about.

It is not the same thing, the issue I am talking about in this thread is about server-sided problems, not client-sided problems which is a whole another thing.

For the answer to your issue, here’s the official response:

Why am I penalized when I have a technical issue?
Any time you leave a game, you affect the experience of everyone else in the match. Think back to the last even match you were in where someone quit partway through. How difficult it was to win fights 5v6? Even if you did win, didn’t you have to fight harder to do so? For every crash or DC that gives you a penalty, there are five other players on your team who just had their chances of winning a fair match reduced.

Please don’t discuss further issues involving client-sided issues in this thread.

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Ok boss :slight_smile: