How is Ana still most picked support?

Looking at Overbuff, Masters-GM specifically since these ranks exploit metas the most (yes its data is not fully accurate, but that’s the only one available). Most picked tanks are Winston-Zarya, the OG Dive combo. DPS are Tracer-Widow-Ashe, heroes who can contest and even kill Ana. So in theory, this meta should bad for her. Almost Double-barrier-level bad.

What we have instead is she’s most picked in support category. Surpassing Moira and Lucio, who should be able to survive diving attemps consistently. And the two supports who help others survive enemy dives - Brig and Baptise - are completely butchered, so no help for her. Ana shouldn’t even be considered a playable hero. This is not her meta, it’s like playing Genji into Brig 1.0.

So what is going on with her?

ladder doesn’t always play what’s technically the strongest

if they did lucio/moira would be the most played support duo


I really don’t know. I think it’s just the other supports are weak. The only difference between current Ana and Ana during dive in 2018 was that she didn’t have nano burst heal. Other than that she’s literally weaker

Brig, Baptiste, and Moira got devastating nerfs that ruined them as playable heroes. So people play what’s left; Ana and Mercy.

Simple as that.


…and also because it’s nawt that Hawt.

The Halloween candy emote.

She is currently meta and when I play her she still feels find to me. I like the changes they did her because It brings Mercy’s strength back into the equation. Consistently


If people don’t perceive another support to be buffed “enough” (so even if they do buff a support, people have to think it’s enough, but they haven’t buffed any other support recently) then player perception dictates that people stick with what they think works, and what continues to work. There’s no double shield, so there’s nothing really stopping Ana from still being good enough.

Her winrates suck. She’s considered to be good when she really isn’t.

People want to think a specialist hero is good at their specialty, but really Ana is ridiculously better than the other main supports (except Mercy , who is ok) so you should never ever play anything but Ana.


Pickrates are not the end all be all of balance. Players play heroes that they enjoy & can win with

Case and point.

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ana is not as good as moira below diamond. this is a fact and she was never as good as moira or mercy.

BUT i will always play ana, no matter how bad she is. she takes skill and aim. easy heroes are lazy, boring heroes.


It’s because Ana is fun. She feels impactful, she can reach out and save someone with a click of a button, all of her abilities can make or break a teamfight, and your success mostly depends on your aim and positioning.

They dumpstered the other healers and took away what made them fun.

Believe Me I know Ana is so much better than the rest of the Main supports. Mercy is a good example of being Good while being mediocre. Does Mercy count as a Main Support? Btw where are all the people who said Ana is op because of Brigitte

fps game so people want to play a fps character. its not rocket science.


Yeah. Her mains may disagree, but IMO Mercy can be played as either a main or off support.

Right now Mercy is the only other half-functional main support. Ana is better, but Bap and Moira are completely garbage so it’s either Ana or Mercy. But really, Mercy is also the best off support, so the obvious comp to play is Ana main sup Mercy off sup.

In GM? Yes they do. They absolutely do.

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GM plays what they think is the strongest, but sometimes they’re wrong.

I think that might be Lucio who is the best off support considering His winrate and pickrate. Also we probably shouldn’t say this about Mercy because Blizzard will hard gutter her to trash and horrible again.

Because she’s good /thread

I think they’re correct in this situation.