How fan ships ruined the community of OW

I think, relationships are a part of every story game. Some relationships are confirmed by devs and writers and some of them are created by fans. And that’s my problem, because community ships every one with everybody. New hero is being released, talks to a different character and a new ship is born. Like I get it, people are shiping two people cuz they might be flirtin’. But I do not understand, why are people shiping two people who just normally talked, like friends? And some of them are super crazy like AnaxPharah, ReinxBrigs, or GenjixCass, who don’t even have too much interaction with each other. But the most interesting is the D.vaxLucio one. People are shipin them , just because of one voiceline. They don’t have that chemistry, like Genji and Mercy, nor any interaction. Hell, they don’t eve have flirty voicelines. All of their voicelines are just normal, like everyone. And no interaction in the pve, absolutely nothin. I just wanna know anyone else’s opinion, cuz this don’t even make sense.

It’s people being horny and making fan fics, Like Junkrat and Mei, Mei clearly hates him he’s the only character where her sweet personally suddenly drops and she’s sounds like she’s trying hard not to tell him to go play on thin ice. And people they she’s being a tsuandre. Like can’t a character not have a romance arc?

I fail to see why fanship “ruin the community”?

Just don’t interact with shippers, mute some fanship names or user if you don’t want to see those ships.

And for now, we don’t even have fanship made canon.

So, i really don’t see your point making this post tbh.

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you know that ships have existed since the dawn of the internet, right? :sweat_smile: trend started with anime & manga , then moved towards TV-movie series and then video games.

Saint Seiya (knight of zodiac, I don’t know if you know it): one of the most celebrated str8 ships online is Milo Scorpio with Ophiuchus Shaina. Fan Fact: They have NEVER spoken to each other, anywhere in manga or anime. :thinking: the internet is a magical realm in which anyone, behind the “right of free speech”, says what comes into their head. And if sometimes it’s a bad thing when it comes to REALLY absurd stuff… almost all of the time no one really cares as long as it’s a fantasy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

now, with overwatch specifically… honestly its fandom ship isn’t that different from [insert franchise name]. However, I don’t understand where you’re going with this topic either, unless you’re talking about the developers who chase the Waifuness of the community through skins :sweat_smile:: St. Mercy, power girl Pharah, sexy ninja Genji, bad girl Sombra… jpop Kiriko , I suppose… Brigitte? no, the memory for GOATS is still strong, no skin for her in all 8 battle passes released so far. :shushing_face:

In any case, I wouldn’t find any explanation as to why ships exist in the community’s mind. it would be like asking why Mchanzo was among the most famous in the ow1 era. :person_shrugging: Sometimes you don’t need to think about it too much, it’s a fantasy.

Bro, you are taking the whole shipping thing too seriously. People don’t need any “good reason” to ship, there doesn’t need to be any canon hints about it, it doesn’t need to make sense. It is just for fun. That’s how it has always been. It’s not any different from fanfiction which can have all sorts of crazy “what if” AU scenarios. Would be boring af just to rehash canon over and over again.

Don’t understand how fanships somehow ruined the community. I do have seen fandoms in which “shipping wars” became a thing and those were with characters that were quite notably teased in canon so it became a “who should they end up with?!” kinda fight. Some OW shippers having fun with their random *** fan ships… they are chill in comparison. Sure, there might be some fanships I personally dislike but I just ignore it. It doesn’t truly bother me.


Do you know that Ana is Pharah’s Mother right? Also that Brigitte also considers Reinhardt as her Master and Uncle right?

Rein x Brig??? Wtf? They’re essentially family tho…

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thats why its weird as crap