How exactly do placement matches work?

Hey everyone. I was wondering how exactly placement matches work. Off of medals, win/loss, kills, damage, heals? Thanks!


It’s based on your previous MMR from last season, your stats compared to other players of your MMR, and win/loss record. Unless you somehow became a god at the game or absolute trash between seasons, you’ll likely just place near where you left off.

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You play 10 matches and then get placed within 100 SR of where you ended last season. :wink:


100% correct.

Placement matches mean nothing when you played previous seasons.

I’ve gone 1-9 in placement matches: -50 SR from previous season.
I’ve gone 8-2 in placement matches: 10 SR from previous season.

I mean, I guess there is a win or two difference but don’t expect anything serious.

I took a few seasons off on a side account. I did my placements and I was 500 points higher than my previous SR. Perhaps there is some sort of reset over time.

Also note that Placement Matches are your “qualifer matches” for “participation” in the current Competitive Season. Unless you complete the minimum 10 matches, you cannot earn the bonus Competitive Points, player icon, or spray at the end of the season.


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At the start of a new season, they make your SR number invisble. After you play 10 games it becomes visible again.


So I’m not placing above 500 again? Darn.

What’s the game like at 500?

50 percent legit people that are 500 SR and the other half bacontotems


It’s feels like a death void that pulls you in and it feels like you’ll never get out. Ppl are idiots down here and just won’t fall back,group up,team comp(sometimes), and the leavers and trolls. What’s the game like at gold?

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Gold is mostly the same as ~500 by the sounds of it. People are generally good enough to have a rough idea of what they should be doing, but not enough skill, self control or trust in the team to pull it off. Everyone blaming everyone else when things don’t work out (and often even when they do).

I have an alt in low silver. Now that is a comfy rank.

Here I think most ppl just don’t kno what to do. When ur below 500 it gives you <500 instead of ur actual number

It’s based on your skill rating from last season and wins, also it’s mostly based on how you play the game and how you support your team and as a teammate. Placement matches is really nothing to worry about.

So, i started plsying ow like season 13 or 14 and ofc i was bad i tried conp got brinze next seaosn got brinze stopped palying couple seasons and here i am now back on season 21 and i am now waaay better i literally have the skill of atleast plat players like even people asks why im on bronze. Sesson 22 here i just did my placement matches yesterday and guess what, i got gold medals all match 4 potgs out of 5 matches hard carried 2 games carried a lil on the 3 other games i lost 2 games but won 3 and guess what 1412 sr i really hate the skill rsting on last season and i am a very team based player so if my team mate is bad well i do bad i just need a good healer then i can carry but guess what im in bronze and theres bo such thing ss good teams


+/-100 SR from where you left off. They are pretty much just to force players to waste 2hrs a season in order to keep their rank. It let’s blizzard say they have X amount of concurrent players every season. Makes the player base sounds more enthused than they are.

Did you really necro a two year old thread just to whine about how you deserve a higher rank?

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Technically in the rules you are not suppose to start new threads about the same topic. So they were doing the right thing by posting in an already established thread.

A rule thats obviously in place to prevent a topic from being spammed, not to turn every single post into a megathread.

There’s almost no excuse to necro a two year old thread. QQing about rank definitely isnt one

It seems weird that they haven’t put answers to questions like this in a tool tip or index in game to save people the trouble. Feels like in game should be where you lean about the game.