How does the WIN / LOSS thing work?

Let’s say I win 5, lose 2, and then win 2 (7 wins total). Does that negate the 2 losses or are those cumulative? Meaning, lets say i do that pattern 10 times (eventually reaching 20 losses) how far does the 20th loss set me back?

They’re WAY WAY WAY too vague about how comp works now.


No one knows, and if they tell you an answer, they’re lying or are making an assumption on how it works.
All we really know is comp is supposedly more ‘skill based’ instead of being entirely based off wins alone.
I also don’t think losses carry over after a rank adjustment.

From my understanding, it’s the same as OW1 but they just made it update less. Also SR boosts for overperformance were seemingly turned up. For some people MMR is straying quite far from the visible rank which causes seemingly nonsensical rank updates. This is very rare though.

Basically W/L have an indirect effect. You just gain elo from every match. In OW1 Gold was 2000-2500 SR now that is divided into 100 SR ranks of Gold 1-5 and you don’t see the number.

I absolutely hate the system because I want to know everything about my competitive matches and be rewarded/punished for winning/losing.


So you either need to complete 7 wins or 20 loss/ties to get an update.
Afaik, it resets after you reched one of those 2 options.

The most important thing you have to understand is : you get a rank UPDATE.
That doesn’t mean it will automatically increase or decrease. It means the game will show you and determine your rank again.
So don’t get mad if the rank doesn’t change after 7 wins.

What we know from the devs :
-Skill is important and back in OW1, the skill was rated by comparing your stats to other people playing the same hero stats.

What we don’t know :

  • What’s the most important between winning and having good stats.
  • What happens when you switch character.
  • What happens if there’s a leaver.
  • How rank can change between the updates

What is impossible to know :

  • How matchmaking works.
  • How impactful is each game.

For the 20 losses, I don’t know, I’ve never reached it. I can tell you from experience, I had a 14 lose streak and lost only went from Silver 2 to Silver 4.
And I’ve done a 7W/11L and the game put me back in bronze from Silver 3 to Bronze 3. So… it can quite random.

My assumption is the rank will change depending on your stats. If you manage to be the best player of the game with huge difference, the game will rank you up. Instead dying once per minute or more will lower your rank.

Yet its still hard to understand as by the time you get 7 wins you can play up to 15 games easily and you probably have good games and bad games and its impossible to know how impactful each game is.
So try your best, never throw and you might have a rank that suits you.

The final answer to your questions is, it’s a black box.

No one really knows and, even though they designed it, I doubt Blizzard does with certainty, either.

Example 1:
Blizzard promised the Bronze 5 placement bug was fixed in October.

It wasn’t. It turns out it was still a problem and needed to be fixed again on Nov. 17th. The thread below shows players stating there are still problems - after the fix for the fix on Nov. 17th.

Is it fixed? No one knows, not even Blizzard who is promising it’s fixed, when it’s really not.

I’ve been in software development for over 25 years. If you’ve made a hotfix (like the Bonze 5 bug) and discover the bug isn’t fixed (or causes another bug) then your code, QA and/or platform are more complex than anyone really knows.

Example 2:
You would think a positive win rate of over 50% means you would climb. It absolutely does NOT when you are in the metal ranks, thanks to the magic of performance-based SR.

Is a win a win and a loss a loss? Not really, not after performance-based SR calculations. If you win many, many games and maintain a win rate of like 55%, it can still mean (over time) you are losing rank.

Alas, here’s an attempt to explain how performance-based SR works. It’s from OW1.
I’m assuming it hasn’t changed but I could be wrong. Hope it helps.

Dunno but I won 7 games in a row and got demoted so after that stopped playing comp (and I performed pretty good on those games i wasnt carried at all), literally 5-10k damage 20-25k heal as kiriko. Literally no sense of a competitive system, they should return to the old one.

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After 28 wins and an above 55% win rate I went from Gold 1 to Gold 5. I Consistently had either first or second on healing and consistently competed in damage. In overwatch 1 I peaked 3336. This new rank system is absolute trash. Nothing should matter more than wins. If you find some niche playstyle that gets you wins but doesnt net you stats you’re F’ed. If you spend all game on cart because your team is rolling, you’re F’ed. I can’t justify playing this game any longer. Its a waste of time when you can win a majority of your games and still go down 4 ranks. I’m a daily player since 2016. I’m out!

i went like 7/12 and went from D3 → D3, so i can say your contribution matters greatly even in Diamond. (support)

I think the update before that was 7/9 and i went from D5 → D3.

so i would just focus on being proactive and doing what you can in matches.

Like, i literally cost myself 2-3 matches where my play attempt was the deciding factor, but i am trying to make those plays and getting better. the game is rewarding me for that. I can either try to make the play and fail, or not try and fail, sometimes throw thinking i am helping.

You’ll see a ton of people posting in response, but NONE of them have any idea. It’s a complete mystery to all of us.

iT works within the 7/20 stack of games. You either lose 20 or win 7 then you go to another stack of 7/20 fresh. But your MMR fluctuates way above or below these numbers, so they say nothing to you, basically. All hidden.