How does the SR system work?

Hi, let me explain the topic I’m asking about. So, you know how sometimes if you win you’ll get 30 SR and if you lose sometimes you’ll lose maybe 18 SR point. But other times, it’s the other eay around, where you’ll lose 26 SR point and you’ll win just 19. Could anyone explain exactly why this is or how the system works? It’s a bit confusing and it can get frustrating, I’d like to know how it goes. Thanks!

Its no easy answer, the forum user Kaawumba has a detailed guide that helps explain things though:

And its core, it is the Elo system. The Elo system was originally developed for chess, so instead of 2 individuals in a 1v1 scenario with a rating, you have everyone with an individual rating that is combined into a team rating.

If this team rating on your side is higher than the opposing team, you will default to gaining less SR on a win, or losing more on a loss. This is because the Elo system is essentially predicting you are more likely to win, so confirmation of this does not change the ratings as much.

If you are the underdog with less of a team rating it is the opposite. Losing will not be as costly, while winning will reward more.

Then this is modified by PBSR. PBSR measures your mechanical skill/performance characteristics compared to others that play your hero around your rank. If it is less than the other players, you will gain less on a win or lose more on a loss. If it is higher, you will gain more, and lose less.

Finally, an Elo system becomes more certain of your rating over time. When there is little data available, ratings tend to swing up or down more. When there is a lot of data available, ratings do not move much.

It’s worth noting Blizzard has said they do override this at times, however. If you go on a win or loss streak sufficiently large, or if you don’t play for a long time, their system decreases certainty so you may see larger rating changes.

Further and specific details would only be available if Blizzard talks about it in depth… which is about as likely as Roadhog gaining flight.

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