How does it make you feel


To lose sr through no fault of your own.

Just genuinely curious.

And I don’t mean

“Team was terrible I couldn’t carry any harder” or similar usual exscuse people have to sum up why they think they lost.

I mean Disconnects, People just giving up, not trying from the start, derankers, one trick useless hero players, etc…


Yeah it sucks, especially in other games like Siege. I stopped playing competitive Overwatch. The Team based stuff is also worse in Siege, the leaver penalty is a joke and nobody takes it seriously, there’s no match cancellation so you can start the game with a 4v5 because somebody left immediately. Honestly nowadays, you really have to get used to it. Nothing else they can really do with leavers.


It doesn’t feel good. It never feels good.
But I stopped caring about my SR a long time ago. I play to win every time, and that’s all I can do. I’m not going to tether my emotional well being to such a pathetic thing like an SR number. Some people in this game get really emotional over it all. Like it’s REALLY important. I sometimes wonder if these people have a lot going on in their lives to get so attached to something so arbitrary and meaningless.


Don’t know

never played for SR~


Can’t help it.

Drank frustration.

Vent it on other game.

Move on.


If it is not okay to blame your team, it is not okay to blame someone for picking a character, fam. Leaver? I have won plenty of 5 v 6 matches. Someone not trying? So what, better than a leaver unless they are intentionally throwing. Throwers? No different from a regular team (ayy lmao).

But seriously, it feels exactly the same as having a bad team.