How does anyone play in Plat?

Your repeated saying that doesn’t make it true when Blizzard’s code of conduct states otherwise.

I believe you’re the one with that issue since you saw the words “smurfing isn’t cheating” in a post from Jeff that contained neither the word smurfing nor cheating.

Again, Blizzard says otherwise.

I’m only repeating what Blizzard have said.

No, Blizzard said “an activity that grants an unfair advantage” is cheating and there is no way that anyone can claim smurfing does not grant an unfair advantage.

Stop trying to make out like you’re right and Blizzard is wrong.

Methinks you presume too much.

Also, the only smug arrogant and toxic one is the one claiming that they’re right and Blizzard is wrong.

(Hint: that would be you.)

You’re referring to yourself again.

Yet again, Blizzard says otherwise.

For the last time (since I’m done wasting my time on you), Blizzard says otherwise.

Feel free to take it up with them.

Tl;dr Summary: Was wrong, so wrote a novel to distract how I’m wrong, and point the finger at you.

Come back when you have some actual proof to what you’re saying.

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Yeah basically. If you’re still Silver yes. But hey you’re the one who publicly just admitted to it on a forum owned by Blizzard so…good job I guess

Alts are a completely different story (though they do still have the same impact on the game).

You did not throw down from Diamond to Silver. You placed Silver (which I still find extremely suspicious for a Diamond player to place so low). That’s not smurfing.

Because I have an alt that is rapidly moving up to where my SR should be? That’s how they coded the system to work, but nice try. :slight_smile:

Because I only won 3/5 placements with no previous season SR to base off of. Why do you think I’m rapidly climbing out of it when I actually play on it?

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These are most likely new accounts, which would start placing in low plat.

This is not throwing and not against the rules.


Nah, I’ll just block you instead since you’re clearly adamant that Blizzard is wrong and you’re right and it’s an obvious waste of time trying to convince you otherwise, even with facts backing us up.

You have no facts other than “SMURFS MAKE GAME HARD ME NO LIKE” and come on here to spew your anger about it, even after Blizzard has made it clear it is not cheating.


I play the game to get better, so I like smurfs.

I come from fighting games, so I have the mentality of “If the game was easy, you learned nothing.”


I made this point earlier and it’s what started this entire silly argument.

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You are merely making assumptions regarding low level accounts.

I know of some players with Silver and even Gold border smurf accounts on Xbox so it’s not always a low level accounts that are used for smurfing.

That said, when a brand new level 25 account in Gold on Xbox single-handedly dominates your team and, when you check their profile, you see that their gamer pic is a screen shot of their main account and its Master rank SR, then you know for certain that player is a smurf who threw down to Gold which, according to Blizzard, is cheating.

I’ll throw in just because.

How does a smurf differentiate from someone making a second or extra account of any number (which has clearly been stated to be okay to do) other than the act of deranking/sabotage/throwing?

If you really want to say smurfing is more than just sabotage than maybe I’d give you that but it’s not simply “not sabotage” once they start trying. If they simply only tried then they’d theoretically get back to where they should be, but you know what they do to stay low? That’s right they throw again, even if it’s in a stack with other throwers/smurfs it’s still throwing/deranking. Literally the only act separating a smurf from a random player trying to play the game is the act of throwing.

It’s not even as simple as “you’re below another account you have” or “you have more than one account” as some people try to make it.

For example I had (I guess still have technically I just don’t use it) an account on Xbox initially and maintained high gold/low plat pretty consistently. Then I finally got a good pc and moved to that, placing low gold and eventually stabilizing mid/high silver. Am I smurfing/cheating then? Because according to a lot of definitions people use on here (not my first overwatch account, lower than my initial account) I am, but using any common sense shows I’m not.

As far as the CoC goes have you really never thought or seen that companies will put broad clauses in “agreements” to cover themselves in case something unique or unforeseen happens so that way the person they want to action against can’t say “well you didn’t say it anywhere”.

I’ve worked in both banks and in hotels and clauses like that were everywhere so we could cover against unforeseen events that we needed to deal with (either by kicking someone out in the hotel or with fines/closing accounts or even legal action in the bank). It’s intentionally vague and open to interpretation so they can cover for anything they want to at any time while still appearing “reasonable”, but until they specifically talk about smurfing when talking about cheating it is just that, your interpretation. Which you’re entitled to, but I don’t agree with it. As my interpretation is that it does not fall under cheating. It does still break the rules since they have to throw/derank which is against the rules in itself. But arguing about which rule it breaks/how it is illegal is like letting a criminal escape because you’re fighting over what to charge them with instead of just arresting them. Ban them for throwing and intentionally losing/deranking (which I hope a majority agrees is against the rules and wrong) and move on.

Want to have something to go after smurfs for, and with the least likely possibility of attacking innocent players? Go after them when they throw to get/stay low.

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Maybe I just don’t understand your mentality.

I don’t get salty when I lose.

I like dueling smurfing Widows.

It’s fun for me.



I don’t get why people get so up in arms over “Well the CoC says this.”

Plus I’m like you, why would I want to play the same rank and less skilled players repeatedly? I want someone better than me, so I can practice for what rank they are, for when/if I get there.


I like not knowing how I died. I get to watch the killcam and see how stupid I was.

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Yep, or how they made the shot, or how they predicted it. It’s helped me a lot when dealing with good Widow players, to the point where I can usually out Hanzo most I’ve come across, sometimes even out McCree them. Really gives you a heads up on positioning mistakes.


I always play Widow in deathmatch while I wait for games. It’s full of Tracers, Genjis, and Roadhogs, so it’s like weight training. Suddenly the real games feel so much easier.


As someone who has played OW extensively on both Xbox and pc now (and probably would still be if destiny hadn’t recaptured my attention, thank you bungie for cross save) I think you’re experience being limited to console is biasing your view on how easy it is to tell and how common/extreme they are.

I think it’s pretty well established that smurfs are more common on console by virtue of the fact that you have to buy a new copy every time on pc (even if it’s usually not that expensive it adds up) compared to console where the accounts are free (so long as you have the disc I don’t think it works for digital copies since the license is tied to the account that bought it in that case, but not 100% sure so don’t quote me, all I know is that’s given me trouble for my friends playing digital games I bought on their profiles.)

Frankly the biggest signs of a smurf existing are exclusive to console the gamer profile pic on Xbox (especially since blizzard can’t even see that most likely, though I’m just guessing on that) but also the gamer score/achievements being low on an account that appears to be new but on an experienced player (though even on that one someone changing platforms they play games on is always a possibility).

Are there signs on any platform? Yes. But the easier ones are exclusive to console because even if you could see the rest of their blizzard profile, all it would really tell you is they don’t play any other blizzard games, which isn’t that outlandish.

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I can’t remember the last time I actually looked at someone’s profile in-game.

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Tbh, I only look when something seems sketchy as hell, like flicks that look like snapping, or sometimes indeed snapping (Aim toggling), but it doesn’t matter usually because you greeted by “This profile is private.”