How does anyone play in Plat?

From Blizzard’s own code of conduct:

Bolded part for emphasis. Smurfing is 100% engaging in activity that grants an unfair advantage. You are playing in a rank that normally the game would not allow you to play in and are subverting the game’s natural systems in place to do so. Therefore, yes its cheating. Ironically deranking accounts isn’t cheating, so smurfs who do that are not cheating. But buying a second account and doing it is.


Smurfing is intentionally throwing to derank so that you can play in ranks far below where you usually play.

That is against the game’s Terms of Service, and thus absolutely, positively, inarguably is cheating.

Claiming otherwise is being silly.

And yet, Blizzard has been open about how smurfing is NOT cheating. I’m sorry that you feel you know better than the developer themselves, but it doesn’t make you correct at all.

Smurfing is not deranking, smurfs usually end up either same SR, above, or barely lower. Throwing is sabotage, not cheating, and the ones who do that, are dealt with.

So yes, you ARE being salty.

Look at that, the game director says no it’s not cheating.


It kinda is! You throw games to stay in the same elo when you should be climbing to a higher elo!


Sabotage does not equal cheating.


I don’t recall them ever explicitly saying smurfing is not cheating.

I never said I know better than them. I merely cited the ToS and the fact that Jeff has acknowledged it’s a problem.

Ah, yes, there’s that years old comment, trotted out again as defense against smurfing, except for the fact that he never actually said smurfing is not cheating.

What he actually said was that creating a new account isn’t against the rules; however, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that smurfing is far more than just simply creating a new account.

Thanks for linking that as it proves you’re just making things up in a vain attempt to support your false claim.

Here’s the comment from Jeff from January 2020 acknowleding that smurfing is a problem and confirming they’re working on a solution:

2 years ago. That was also a time where you could have a 6 DPS comp game, Overwatch League was a thing, and Goats was a thing. A lot can change in 2 years. You know what hasn’t though? Blizzard’s code of conduct and terms of service.

Now the question would be why do they not ban smurfs? Because its hard to tell sometimes. Folks have learned how to game the system so well that a mod could accidentally ban someone who didn’t deserve it. That’s mainly why smurfs currently don’t get banned.

As was previously quoted from Blizzard’s code of conduct, engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

Intentionally deranking so as to play in ranks far below where you normally play is an activity that grants an unfair advantage and thus is considered cheating by Blizzard.

You should quit while you’re behind.

Working on what solution? Smurfing is not cheating, throwing to be in lower ELO is SABOTAGE not cheating. Do you not understand the English language and definitions?

Because smurfing is not cheating, nor bannable, but sabotage is, that’s what they are getting at, but you two both seem to only think you know correctly.


Get a dictionary and look up what they mean, because at this point you seem like you’re just a smug arrogant toxic kid mad that someone outplayed you on the game, so you latch onto “SMURFING IS CHEATING” so you can feel better about not being as good at the game as your quickly breaking ego makes you think you are.

Seriously, are you just in your own world or do you actually think you have a leg up here, when all you’re doing is PROVING MY POINT that smurfing is NOT cheating, but throwing to derank is SABOTAGE.

You keep ignoring the core fact that it is not cheating, but sabotage.


I…I literally just quoted BLIZZARD themselves. You know…the people who OWN Overwatch and control every single aspect of it? Like…no offense legit question, are you blind? Or did you miss the part where I quoted their code of conduct and terms of service. Smurfing is cheating according to their own rules. Fun fact, Blizzard general policy overwrites any individual game’s policy. Cuz you know, they OWN the games.

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Yet, the game director said straight out it’s not cheating. You have lost here, and are trying to quickly make an argument for your failing case and only making yourself look bad in doing so.

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Got it. So Jeff Kaplan, the guy who gets PAID by Blizzard, has more authority than Blizzard the company. Makes sense. Well I was hoping you would bring an interesting convo but clearly you won’t, so I’ll stop wasting time.

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It’s only a waste of time because by definition you were wrong, and tried to make a case that it’s some how cheating when someone deranks instead of what it is: S-A-B-O-T-A-G-E

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If someone in Diamond deranks to Silver. That is sabotage. You are correct. The moment that ex-Diamond player searches and plays a SINGLE game of competitive Overwatch in Silver, it becomes cheating. Make sense?

Considering my main is diamond, and this alt placed Silver because it’s a new account with no previous SR to show, I’m cheating? Even though I’ve rapidly climbed almost out of Silver because Skill based SR allows me to gain more SR per win to be in the rank I should be in?

Yeah, nice try on that, but maybe find out how ranking system in OW works before spitting off things you don’t understand.

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Your repeated saying that doesn’t make it true when Blizzard’s code of conduct states otherwise.

I believe you’re the one with that issue since you saw the words “smurfing isn’t cheating” in a post from Jeff that contained neither the word smurfing nor cheating.

Again, Blizzard says otherwise.

I’m only repeating what Blizzard have said.

No, Blizzard said “an activity that grants an unfair advantage” is cheating and there is no way that anyone can claim smurfing does not grant an unfair advantage.

Stop trying to make out like you’re right and Blizzard is wrong.

Methinks you presume too much.

Also, the only smug arrogant and toxic one is the one claiming that they’re right and Blizzard is wrong.

(Hint: that would be you.)

You’re referring to yourself again.

Yet again, Blizzard says otherwise.

For the last time (since I’m done wasting my time on you), Blizzard says otherwise.

Feel free to take it up with them.

Tl;dr Summary: Was wrong, so wrote a novel to distract how I’m wrong, and point the finger at you.

Come back when you have some actual proof to what you’re saying.

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Yeah basically. If you’re still Silver yes. But hey you’re the one who publicly just admitted to it on a forum owned by Blizzard so…good job I guess

Alts are a completely different story (though they do still have the same impact on the game).

You did not throw down from Diamond to Silver. You placed Silver (which I still find extremely suspicious for a Diamond player to place so low). That’s not smurfing.

Because I have an alt that is rapidly moving up to where my SR should be? That’s how they coded the system to work, but nice try. :slight_smile:

Because I only won 3/5 placements with no previous season SR to base off of. Why do you think I’m rapidly climbing out of it when I actually play on it?

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