How do you play overwatch? ( Video settings )

Just curious. Most people in my friend list have high end hardware but choose to play with everything on low.

What about you.

Are you forced to play low due to other reasons? ( Hardware affordability ext… )

Do you play flatout with top graphics?

As for me. I do one of two things.

My quickplay settings.

7680x4320 ( 60 )
4x nvidia DSR to reach 8K
Max settings ( Epic )
FPS : 75FPS average

My comp settings

2560x1440 ( 144 )
DSR Disabled
Max settings ( Epic )
FPS : 155FPS ( Display locked )

My Hardware

i5 6600K ( 4.5GHz )
2x MSi Gaming X 8G GTX 1080 ( HB SLI )
16GB Avexer DDR4 RAM 2133 Speed

I play on really low settings, my pc is really bad but its playable most of the time.

I have played overwatch on really high settings, not on my pc though, it looks absolutely beautiful.

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What setting is DSR?
Also I play on low or off everything with max resultion for my laptop and 50% render scale… 30-50 fps.
Also now I’m convinced Dom is my twin now.

240hz @1080p

i7 4930K
Evga 1080ti sc2 icx

I don’t change settings between qp and comp.
I could run everything at epic…but why?

DSR is short for Dynamic Super Resolution. It’s available through nVIDIA control panel and allows you to run the game at a higher resolution than your monitors native and downscale to fit screen. Makes very sharp image but very demanding.

Everything is on low and to use as little resources as possible because my current computer is trash ):

My settings and the forumers who were kind enough to contribute can be found here:

My own experience is that dropping render scale to 50% would achieve a huge boost to frame rates.

150% render scale

50% render scale

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This was me running the game on epic @ 7680 x 4320.

It’s visual quality is stunning but it definitely pails in comparison to 1440p @ 144hz

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Very nice, Ninetales. Very nice, indeed!

I suppose that because it is a competitive game and more frames-per-second is proven to be advantageous, until the hardware is able to churn out the framerates, we can only play at 1440p for now.

I was actually quite surprised when i found out that some players actually cranked everything to Low settings so that they can better distinguish the Red Team from the surroundings, not just to increase FPS.

However, the fact that the quality differences between 150% Render Scale and 50% Render Scale appears, to the naked eye, to be minimal to non-existent does a lot of credit to the Developers’ and Graphic Digital Artists’ skills over at the Blizzard team. Gotta love them for it.

Oh hey! I have an 8k monitor too but I play 6k windowed 21:9 so my mic (hanging from above) doesn’t block the screen. I don’t have as many graphics cards as you though, just a dodgy 2080 ti haha.

PS. Have you 1) got issues with screen burn if bright images are left on the screen and 2) poor visibility on the bottom of the taskbar (assuming yours is the Dell like mine)? I seem to be having those issues…

I dont have 8K display lol

Ah sorry I completely missed that haha! I’m such an idiot