How do you measure balance?

It seems that Overwatch players have devised a way to precisely tell the current state of the balance. More than that, they’ve also figured out a way to measure heroes and tell if they’re powerful or not. On top of that, every player seems to know the right way to fix these these heroes in a way that balances the game.

So, naturally, that got me curious. How are you doing that? I mean, there is no way you’d just make it all up and put your random thoughts on the Internet to get quick attention. Before you say something, you make sure what you say is the absolute truth as to not waste everyone’s time. Therefore you study the game for years, you experiment with heroes, you get measurable results and make theories after collecting all the data necessary. That’s the conventional way of proving your point and finding the truth.

However, Overwatch players have gotten so good at that, they don’t even need any sort of data, as if they know what they say is the truth. Do you guys have some secret balancemeter I don’t know about? If so, I’d be delighted to familiarize myself with it to be able to make seemingly bold and baseless assumptions about fixing the balance too. Thank you in advance.

It’s simple, sombra weak, hanzo strong.


Abraham Lincoln said Hanzo would be OP after his rework.

Every Tuesday night, Jeff Kaplan’s wife goes out of town. That’s when we meet at a nearby Holiday Inn. Room 54, 8:00 pm on the dot. Same routine.

He tells me which heroes are strong and which heroes are weak. Then we discuss the meta over some White Castle, then head back home!

I don’t know how y’all determine balance

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I generally see it as trying to make as many character options viable simultaneously.

Maybe not meta tier, but well outside joke tier.

It’s a good question.
I guess Blizzard team have their own way and I doubt they are interested in our opinion.
At any rate this is tricky. Each player has only a partial view of the game. A view limited by the pool of hero (s)he plays and the SR (s)he is at.

But to give my personal view point. If game seems lost when you don’t have hero X (like Mercy, once upon a time) hero is definitely OP.
And if having a certain hero in the team is most likely a big disadvantage, this hero is most likely underpowered.
Though people are often unjustifiably prejudiced. So even if you think the above, that might probably means nothing…

You can know that simply by playing the game, even I was playing Rein or Winston I have no problem against Sombra and she supposed to counter Rein , I don’t even need to switch off my character . However against Brig and Hanzo I would need to very careful against them even if I was using Winston Hanzo still can deal lots of damage to me

If comps and hero picks are as versatile as possible, then the game is greatly balanced.