How do you make a megathread?


Do you just change the title to say it’s a megathread? Do you need a certain base number of comments? Does it just depend on the nature of the thread itself?

See I’ve got a thread that’s rapidly growing in the bug report section about huge game breaking audio issues that are occurring cross platform. Things like heal request voicelines not playing, ult announcements and enemy footsteps being inaudible, sound effects not getting triggered, etc.:

It’s getting a lot of traction and attention right now and I’m thinking it should be a megathread, but I don’t know if I just change the title or what?


You put Mercy or Brigitte in the title. Or something about LGBTQ.


LOL you know what I mean haha :laughing:


You can put Megathread in the title, but it’s up the forums to turn it into that. There had to be enough interest to keep people posting and reading and generally participating. Wouldn’t recommend it tho, most megathreads are usually flagged to oblivion.


Okay thanks, that’s kinda what I thought, I guess I’ll play it by ear and see if it keeps momentum, if it does I guess I’ll change the title so it can become the go-to centralized spot to report these major audio issues. Really, I just want to make sure the issue and how many people it affects gets highlighted so Blizzard can see how widespread it is, and also just to make it easier for other players encountering this issue to make their voice heard.