How do you know what's going on and when?

So I have very little social media and am looking for a way to know when competitive events are happening.

I checked contenders and saw there is a collegiate tourney on tomorrow but only saw this by chance. Is there a better way to track and get notifications when something is going to be on? I’m talking all league, contenders, tournaments etc etc. I have the Overwatch League app. Die to my timezone I will miss a bunch of that.

I don’t have a good answer for this, OWL / Contenders calendaring usual is pretty bad.

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You can follow Wyoming’s @dropswatch on Twitter and turn on notis.


Imagine if they had a method of signing up for an official email on the day-of the event that sent you a list of upcoming OWL/Contender events, in your time zone.

Say maybe the next 10 matches

With words like “Tuesday”, and not just 4/13/2021

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Hey there, there are a few of options for you to consider. First, I list all rewards-eligible streams in my streaming rewards guide thread that is pinned on the general discussion forum. So if you have a calendar app on your smartphone or something, you can plug in those dates.

As XERDUNE suggested, if you have Twitter, follow and turn on mobile notifications to my unofficial Twitter feed @DropsWatch. I schedule a tweet for whenever a live-stream goes live making it a great way to be alerted to when these events go live.

Finally, you can turn on mobile notifications for the official Overwatch League and Overwatch Contenders YouTube channels, however, you may be alerted to non-reward eligible live streams or videos from those channels.

The next Contenders eligible broadcasts are this Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 AM PDT with the Playoff rounds of Overwatch Collegiate Championship (which are now rewards eligible).

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Legend, I’ve downloaded Twitter app and you’ll be the only account I follow haha. Cheers.

Have you tried this site, OP?

The “upcoming matches” panel shows you the time left until the next OWL/Contenders game, the region, and if you mouse over, it’ll tell you what time the match takes place in your timezone.

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That looks great and would be more useful as in my timezone but I am kind of looking for just those notifications really as I’m very forgetful and won’t check every day.

I had to set myself an alarm for tomorrow’s tournament ha.

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