How do you guys minimise Sr loss?


Fair enough. Just Amazes me that after 3 years people still don’t regroup…

Anyway, had a 3rd loss and I’ve got to accept my share of blame as I didn’t help team much vs Cheese comp defence. Should have switched to dps sooner.

Then 2 wins. 2nd win got 3 golds and a silver as Lucio mainly due to an amazing team that actually regrouped after lost fights. Our Ana was godly and landed sleep dart after sleep dart.

I know I should be used to it by now, but team quality is so swingy it’s untrue.


From what I understand the way to minimize SR loss is to never switch characters, and only be characters that there aren’t a lot of people playing. So basically screw your team, in order to minimize SR loss, it makes sense doesn’t it?


How much are you dying in these matches? Just curious. It may be a factor.


You know that your performance directly impacts your team’s performance too right? It sounds like you are overperforming in this game which makes it then easier for your teammates to perform as well.

In any case, you won’t win all games. You won’t always have the best teammates either. So you should just try to have fun and enjoy the game and not worry about those factors.


You are trying to maximize unimportant stats for sr gain as lucio. Lucio sr gains and losses are much more heavily tied to your assists and your amp usage. Offensive assists are top stat for lucio.

You really need to comprehend this and think about it and stop worrying about healing done and k/d and other irrelevant nonsense.

Using amp correctly you will increase your other stats in proportion. Its amazing after all this time on lucio and being told this over and over you disregard it.

Sir your amp usage is literal garbage. Its the biggest flaw in your lucio play.


Cheers for the comments guys.

A heck of a lot. As my team never groups up it’s just constant lost 3v6, 4v6, 2v6, etc. Should I just go on strike in spawn and refuse to move until we attack as a 6?

Often in gold I’ve had to make a decision to go in 3v6 and hope an ult swings it. Sometimes it works. eg me and Hog vs. 4 enemies. Hog ults and I coalesce through him and that gets the quad kill to secure the point.
Had a win on Volskaya, we went in 4v6 and our Rein went for a cheeky back cap, which I followed him up on. Got us 50%, which we barely held.

To be fair, players under diamond are supposed to be drooling imbeciles that don’t know about teamwork. And after 3 of my games tonight I’m starting to think that they’re right…

Working as intended… At least you didn’t fall victim to the 2 SR on a win bug that’s well known and apparently not fixed.

And vice versa. If my team groups up, my healing aura gets more value. My heal stat improves. As I heal more my ult charges faster so I can drop more phat beats. As I drop more beats, and the team is together I get a double benefit on number of targets per game affected.
As my team stick together, and use tank shields, they die less often, so live longer for me to heal. As my team live longer, and more of them in the fight, they can help me finish off targets that I’ve tagged. So my elims increase.

Conversely, if my team just feed all game my stats are going to be dog poor.

Yup, you got me. If my amps were on point I’d have won those 3 games I had tonight with the constantly feeding teams. Ya gots me…

Which brings me to my third and final bull crap loss of the night. 5 stack. Not on comms. 3 plat and 2 silver. The ranks were irrelevant - they were feeding morons every one. They couldn’t even coordinate in their own 5 stack.

I did have an ambition this season to hit plat. But if that’s plat play, I really don’t care anymore…

This season is feeling like a slot machine and I’m getting all the lemons. Last season I had a godly 10 game win streak (Well, 5w,1d,5w to be precise) and I hit 2450. A bunch of unloseable games where I was clearly on the better team and could have been afk and still won.

But now, I am getting a load of unwinnable (For a gold hoping to hit plat player at least) games and my efforts just feel like a waste of time.

The games aren’t even fun. They feel like quickplay with hurp durp players that just don’t care anymore. Quickplay is already utter garbage. Feels like comp going the same way.


I play a lot of lucio, I have basically the same exact stats as Gazzor. Except I’m 1600 and he’s 2200. Go figure


I’m playing vs. golds.

When I was at 1700 I was getting 22-0 and 15-0 kill ratios with him and climbed to gold with an 80% win rate.

Last season, on my “forced win streak” upsurge to 2450 I had a 4-1 kd ratio with him. As I explained above, good teams lead to good personal performance and poor teams damage your performance (Barring super independent damage dealers, etc).

Had a bunch of garbage games this season as well. Last season I was top 1-10% on most metrics, apart from a disappointing number of elims and damage per minute.

Now this season my stats suck… (Takes a while to update. Should show 2287 Sr I believe).


The best way to minimize sr loss is to just not lose games. That’s the strategy I used and it resulted in me climbing :smiley:.

Seriously though, if you are losing a game, you need to figure out what the win condition is and execute it. In your example, it was the enemy pharah, so your win condition was shutting down the enemy pharah at all costs. I would have switched to ana or hitscan or dva and focused that pharah for the rest of the match (since your team wasnt doing it).

Yes, it would have left your team without one of its healers, but considering you kept dying to the pharah, you weren’t putting out effective heals anyway, since you can’t heal while you’re dead.
If you switched to hitscan and were able to shut down the pharah, they would have to switch or lose the match. If you switched and couldn’t shut down the pharah, then you know that you need to work on how to shut down an enemy pharah so that next time you WILL be able to shut her down.

That’s just one example, but it illustrates my point, to climb you have to learn how to shut down whatever the enemy team is doing. That’s why high elo players have no problems with things like pharmercy and bastion, they’ve learned how to stop strats that are effective at low elo, that’s why they are no longer in low elo


Looks like you’re doing well with all your dps. No longer a “Mercy main”?

Will you be again if she’s reworked so that she can majorly impact games again?

I just remember the good old days when I stopped playing Mercy and picked dps and climbed 650 Sr in circa 10 hours with 65% win rate with phat Sr gainz and low Sr losses.

Being able to get quad kills and 4 gold medals in several games on my way up.

Beats feeling utterly helpless as a support and your team is just straight bossed by the enemy dps and you can’t possibly out heal it as the incoming damage too great…


I was never actually a mercy main. I picked this as my screen name cuz when I was leveling up my account, all I did was play battle mercy in deathmatch and i liked imagining other players raging when I would win, thinking they just lost in death match to a mercy main.

But I can play a lot of different heroes, so I at least have a plan to deal with any strategy the enemy uses. It’s why I have a 100% win rate with tanks this season. I’m a dps main, but if enemy team is running something that is very vulnerable to a certain tank character and noone on my team is exploiting that vulnerability, I’ll switch to that tank, myself, and then my team has a big advantage


Cool. I definitely need to expand my hero pool.

But, when rest of team instalocks dps I tend to go support. But if they’re garbage dps and we’re going to lose anyway, I may as well screw 'em and just pick an effective hero myself.

I’m starting to pick up DVa, and doing okay with her in qp. Alas she was taken in the Pharah game, so not an option for me.

That’s 2 Pharah games this season where my 3+ dps have failed to do their jobs. Guess it behooves me to learn how to sort her out myself, even if it means forcing someone else to support.

On the other hand, had several games where enemy Pharmercy has crashed and burned, literally, in a few seconds and they’ve had to switch off. Or the 5-4 win I had on Volskaya where we just ignored her and won 6v4 on the ground.

I suppose gold dps skill so random as, like me, they don’t have enough heroes to sufficiently flex to take advantage of the win condition.


Upload a video sometime and I can give you much better tips.

As for just sitting in spawn no, but Lucio has so much mobility you should never really die unless you are blatantly killing yourself to stall. While don’t sit in spawn do damage from a distance building ult at the very least while your team is being dumb.

Heck even go in kill a target as a shock then wall hop out at a speed they can’t catch. One opening pick as a support can do wonders and you can easily one v one most dps that are not McCree or pharah same applies to dialing supports who are not Moira.


Thanks for the offer dude. Much appreciated.

Do you want a stomp loss with feeders, like 3 games tonight?
Or a close loss where I didn’t quite do enough to swing the game?
Or a win where my team were generally great and any errors were 100% down to me? I’ve got a nice game like that lined up and good to go. Quick 2-0 win on liJiang.

My big weakness is mechanics, so I find it hard to duel enemy dps. I tend to stick with the team and shoot down corridors or try to focus what someone else shooting at.
When I die it’s when I try to emulate Eskay and my ambition exceeds my skill.
I’ve played some death match and my accuracy improved from 22% to circa 30%. But my damage is still a lot less than I’d like it to be. I don’t know if the problem is positioning or pure mechanics, or a mix of both.


I don’t give 2 Fs about SR now, that might explain why I can go from bronze to plat and back to bronze again in a season without throwing.


Ya, golds generally get hung up on who’s “job” it is to deal with certain heroes on the enemy team. But when you get up to higher levels, people tend to be a lot more proactive about understanding what the win condition is and actively trying to achieve it.

For example, in one of my high plat games, my team had a REALLY good widowmaker. I realized early on that my team’s win condition was to keep that widowmaker alive so she could keep picking off the enemy team. So I just stood next to her all game with reaper and killed anyone that tried to dive her. The enemy team ALSO realized THEIR win condition was to stop our widow.

So they made wholesale hero changes to dva/winston/genji and would keep trying to dive her. Since I was playing reaper, I would just destroy them every time they tried to jump on her and we would win the fight.

If this was a gold game, very likely, nobody on the widows team would be protecting her. And she would be completely shut down, as no widow can successfully fight off a coordinated dive of Winston, dva and genji at the same time. And her gold teammates would be screaming “widow, switch”, despite her being extremely good at widow. And she would probably switch to a character she wasnt nearly as good at, resulting in a loss instead of an easy win, all because golds are not good at understanding win conditions and executing them.

Or the enemy team would never switch to dive tanks and would just yell at their dps “it’s your job to stop the enemy widow” without giving them any help. Then they would blame the dps for losing the game because they weren’t able to stop a better widow player


I’m thinking that the 5 stack in the final game were of a similar frame of mind.

They actually displayed some rare flashes of genius. We stormed to point 1 on attack in about 1 minute. Point 2 went fairly quickly as well. Then the feeding began. Don’t know if they were just stoned and didn’t care? Never had more than a 4v6 up to the end.

So likely they were soft throwing I’d guess.


I can’t forget the mercy’s role in that game either. She understood what was happening as well, without having to be told. And she was always right there to pocket us when the enemy tanks and genji drove us on the high ground. So every fight we had a big advantage as we had a healer and they didnt. And I could just take free shots at the enemy while they tried to chase our widow around, since I wasnt being targeted by them


Comp in a nutshell.


Good point. I’ve not played Mercy for ages. Had a great game with her in quick-play where I managed 16k heals on Route 66 defence ((Which I thought was pretty good). About 1.6k per minute? (That was pre nerf though. hope her rework makes her decent again).
But conversely several games where my team all just stood in front of enemy team and were mowed down like chaff. 50 hps wasn’t enough to save them. Whereas with Moira I can pocket a dps for 150 hps for 4 seconds, allowing them to win the mad 1v3 they’ve gotten themselves into…

Not played the old “Pocket the carry” game for a fair while now. But is good practice. In gold there’s almost always 1 dps getting 60%+ of the kills.

But then I’m just someone’s butt monkey…