How do you feel about Sombra's unlimited invisablity so far?


there were a lot of people saying that it should have never went live, but a month or two after it’s gone live, how do those people feel now?

personally I think it was a great idea, but I never play Sombra


It only makes picking a hack opportunity a lot easier.

Broken? Not with the damage she outputs. But whiners will whine.


I never play sombra, but I’m ok with this change.

But I don’t think good sombra take advantage of this, it’s basically just a gameplay simplification.


As a 132hr Sombra Main… I still think it shouldn’t have gone through. But Blizzard never listened and chose to send then through anyways


why not? I think sym’s tele and orisa’s shield should not be destroyed by time


Either, Sombra will stay in stealth, wait for a pic, or hack moment.

So she is useless to her team for a bit, at the tradeoff she MIGHT get said pic and hack off.

Or, shes agressive, hack/tp away if she cant help dmg the target for her team to finish the pic, which means she dont stealth as much, so all this does… is… well… not much


Sym’s are asking everywhere for her TP to work like torbs turret.

Which is unlimited, lasts until destroyed, or a new one in placed down, which destroys the old one.

Only this would increase her UTILITY by ohh so much


If it were just the duration, it would have been a nice qol change. Since they nerfed its speed and removed contesting entirely, its worse than before.

Staying longer in stealth just means more time doing nothing. Just because it has infinite duration, doesnt mean there is infinite benefit to it.

A better way to buff stealth would have been either a small duration buff, or a cooldown reduction. Both wouldnt have required to nerf the ability to compensate.

Her stealth was never really an issue to begin with.