How do you exactly get OWL tokens?

I wanna get the widow skin without needing to pay money as lets just say I have better things to spend money on. are the streams on YouTube or twitch?

Nano me

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The streams are on YouTube. There’s a few minutes left in the current encore if you want to earn some tokens.

Edit: Also, to those who are planning to use this thread to talk about the rewards system being broken…the issue is currently being addressed and those affected should be credited for time watched (source: Jon Spector, one of the head honchos for Overwatch League). This issue did not affect the hours watched requirement for those trying to earn the Mercy skin.


Linking your Youtube account to your Bnet account will earn you tokens for watching OWL matches.

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There’s a pinned post at the top of the forums with streaming reward details.

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Currently, there are some issues with getting tokens.

See: June Joust, No OWL token drops

You can get the Mercy skin, but tokens aren’t dropping.

But, for future reference, link your battlenet account to your pc/ps/xbox/switch and sign in with that same battlenet account on the overwatch league app/website or youtube.

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You earn free tokens by watching Overwatch League with your connected BattleNet account. I have full details in my guide here:


There will NOT be enough hours remaining to earn 200 tokens if you do not already have tokens saved up from previous streams before this weekend! If you need more tokens, your only option is to purchase them for the gaming platform that you play Overwatch on!

PC/ - Xbox One - PlayStation 4 - Nintendo Eshop*

*Use the Nintendo Switch eShop console app, no website store available.

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The League has acknowledged this, they found the issue and are working to address it…they will also credit accounts who were affected by the issue.


totally didnt read that as “head nachos”

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Thanks I was actually wondering about that. I didnt get any tokens from yesterday.

#1 if you have no tokens currently you dont have enough time to get the widow skin, sorry.
#2 you get the tokens by linking your battle net account to youtube and you get 5 tokens per 1 hour of OWL watched, there is a little video explaining how to do it when ever you watch OWL