How do we make Overwatch fun again?

For nearly 4 years of playing this game switching from consoles GM to PC diamond. I really do think I could get better but I just think the fun fades away gradually as I play competitive. Of course I have more losses than wins and I do tend to learn from the losses but it just gets boring at this point. Of course this game is not dying but it is just not fun and I would always feel like quitting the game every time I play merely 2 games. I believe Role Queue and hero rotations sort of got rid of the magic that Overwatch had as it was stationed for great metas. Overwatch is a good game and can be much greater but it just gets tedious. Usually I play Lucio to have fun and win but Lucio is no fun anymore as well for me. I just hope there could be an update to bring Overwatch back up for me and make it more enjoyable than ever. Again, I do not think the game is dying, it is just less enjoyable.

One day I hope you guys (Blizzard) may make Overwatch great again. I might see more from Overwatch 2 :slight_smile:

Because you need to grind game to climb and get better, and griding the game will eventualy start to be less and less fun experience.

You are absolutely right. I did play for 20 hours in 3 days but no difference made. Grinding does burn you. I do take 2 days to 2 weeks of break for it as well…

I dont stress it, I have time when i play for fun and then times when I try hard to climb if I feel like breaking the SR peak. I dont play every day too. Right now I play fallout 2 :slight_smile: for few days and will play more OW from tomorrow again probably.

I have fun winning. For me. I have fun playing competitive.

Now for things that would make the game more fun. Main and off tank q. Solo q loss prevention with leavers. Losing because of a random leaving is not fun.never will be.

Next would be for blizzard to set up a better anti chest. Cheaters are going crazy. A proper competitive game shouldn’t have this much cheaters. Throwing. Need to provide more resources to properly monitor the reporting system much like with cheaters the game should refund Sr when the evidence rolls in of a clear throw. Hammering turret in spawn etc.

Last. Remove smurfing as possiblity with phone number to play competitive.

You’ve gotta be the most inconsistent dude on these forums

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Unless you have to verify monthly, this is so easy to get around lmao

Get rid of Map Pools for starters. Man, that gets old fast.


So true, I’m tired of playing 2cp every other map.

Honestly, map pools are the reason for the lack of variety in this game.

This game would be way more fun, if the entire Tank role was removed. Not joking.

  • A lot of games are decided purely by Tank picks on each team
  • The influence of tanks makes the game feel more like RPG than FPS
  • Why would you go take the 1v1 when you can just send Dva to deal with it?
  • If you have really bad DPS, tanks can carry. If you have hog ball vs orisa sigma, DPS can’t carry and it’s sad since the game is supposed to be first person SHOOTER

So yeah. If I was to make changes, I would just remove tanks. Other than that, you do you and find your way to have fun I guess. If there is none, just find a different game.

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