🤪 How do I rank up my main?

I have 2 accounts, different SR completely. One is my main, which is silver border and the other is an alt. I’m a Widow main on both of them.

But for some reason, on my main, I’m 3.2k SR and I lose every single game with Widowmaker, even though my stats are insane and I feel like I’m doing a lot.

On my alt, I’m at 4K SR and I win 70% my games on Widow and my stats are the same.

I don’t understand it. For some reason on my main account I always have teammates that are raging in voice and flaming each other and throwing. Meanwhile on my GM alt, everyone is trying to win and communicating properly.

I have no idea how to rank up my main.

Cause you are past that ‘elo hell’ phase on your alt

It honestly feels like if your account is older you’ll be in elo hell. I see a lot of silver and gold accounts on my main but i only see bronze border accounts on my alt usually.