How do Flag profile pictures get added?

Long story short, is there anything that is required for a country to get its flag thrown into the game? I can’t find any solid information. Some say it’s due to laws, others say its due to character or map origins.

What is it?

Edit: An example - Would be South Africa, while it’s a small developing country it does have a decent standing in esports, also has a history of a few TOP 500 (on EU) players. Some of these players want to show their South African colours in the game, only way possible is the profile picture.

I don’t know myself, but I’m also guessing that some flags are based on the heroes’ origin of county and (this might be silly) based off the different OWL teams’ country.

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I saw that, but there isn’t anything for the South African flag as an example. But they are busy doing funds for the 2019 OWWC and even played in the 2016 OWWC. Still no flag there. Same as many other countries.

Then you have your answer. If it isn’t in the game, then they legally can’t include in the game. It has nothing to do with character or map origin.