How different would Overwatch be with

Goin’ back to TF2 with the triple-jump scout.

Oof ouch.

In my idea, no. But I didn’t want it to have a large cool down like Overload for Torb or even Fade for Moira. I just wanted it so it wasn’t a infinite ability like Solider’s Sprint. I was think 3 sec CD, at most.

This was also part of a greater idea I had about changing Rez and such. So, I was trying to self balance her. However, if it was just added to her current state/kit, I don’t see why it couldn’t be like Sprint. They would just need to remove it from CtF, probably, because, currently, you can use Angelic Descent when you have the flag. Then again, if Pharah can hover with the flag, Mercy with a mini-Fly should be okay though. I don’t know, I’m just spit-balling, here.

Honestly, I’m very much into game design and have a very active imagination, so I have a ton of ideas/observations for this game. Haha.

Id have to say that fall damage not being there has been actually one of the nicest things you all did for this game. It really makes for a fun and fast paced game. It really beats out Team fortress 2 on this very mechanic. - Much respect and thank you for posting!

Interesting. After reading this, I totally respect you guys’ choice for excluding Fall Damage from OW. But, I will admit, it did perplex at first. I was so used to having to do those very things you said in other games (like grappling down to lower points) that is was almost… unnatural to just be able to “jump down” from a high location. Eventually, though, I did get used to it, and I do think it is a good design change to not have fall damage. Definitely different though. But, different doesnt need to equal bad :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a jump mobility idea for Mercy, too!

You know how Tracer has chevrons above her crosshair to indicate how many blinks she has left?

Give Mercy two midair jumps, and put a wing icon on the left and right side of her crosshairs to indicate their cooldown status. It would synergize really well with angelic decent, and give Mercy another risk-reward system in her kit (do I use both of my jumps at once to get to high/far places, or do I pace their use to stay up in the air like Pharah?)

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The alternative of having 60+ bpm AD spam is somehow better?

The game would feel horrible.

a patriot with a shovel flying in the sky

Jefff can symm needs help

Sym is fine. Stop it and be productive…


Genji main…

I think you misread my side-note… not sure why you quoted only part of the phrase. My position that AD-spam has no place in a PvP shooter is quite clear :confused:

Panic jump as in “Mindlessly” jumping into walls or something? No decent Winston does that.
By panic jump do you mean when they jump into the air near death? That clearly isn’t “mindless”, it’s to make themselves harder to hit to the enemy up close, and hopefully easier to heal for their healer who will view them from further back. For instance it can allow an Ana or Zen to get line of sight on him while also making the closer up enemy struggle to land the killing shot.
It shows the complete opposite of a mindless approach.

I have also been thinking about this subject.
But keeping fall damage out of the experience is a great decision. Otherwise it would really damage the pace of the game.

The game could seriously do with those last two in Competitive though

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Fall damage only makes sense in games that are realistic and also dont have “high ground/jump/teleport” mechanics. Basically you only introduce that when you want to punish them for bad positioning when the way of getting there was “unintentional” or really hard to do it again.

imagine flanking as rein and jumping down from the heavens to ult
only to die

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friendly fire… Ana just got 50 times harder


Maybe he means something like this?


Fall Damage would also include a new way to throw other people’s game. I think it’s bad, they are enough thrower in the game.