How different would Overwatch be with

PLEASE REVERT SYM, I BEG YOU… Please. :frowning:

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How different would Overwatch be if after playing for 3 years the game din’t feel like an outdated game?

It would still be fun and worth the time.

Jeff, if you bring back fall damage, I want every hero to have a quote about how painful fall damage is. I can hear Tracer, the loving woman and waifu she is, cursing up a storm about her almost losing her legs from a fall.


It think it would be a whole different game and a whole different amount of fun.

Have you ever considered adding it back in for custom games? Sometimes the current sliders can make the game feel a little small and limit the idea for many interesting custom ideas.

Edit: also is there any plan to fix the forum bug where if a dev or mod posts on a thread, the reply button doesnt work unless you press the arrow itself.

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I think it was the right choice but I don’t see the problem with having to grapple down or using propulsion to stop falling momentum, Reaper though… yeah, good call!

I think you meant… unintended locations? :laughing:
Good old Shadow step bug fixes.


Good call. Overwatch feels like a game that doesn’t need fall damage; it’s not a realistic type military game, so leaving that mechanic out is great.


Oh shoot, I wasn’t expecting to get a reply from Jeff himself. The main reason I even made the post was because I was watching TF2 videos and kept seeing the fall damage each character suffered from. Then it went to a thought process of how could it be used in Overwatch.


I play a game with fall damage; it’s awful. When I started playing OW, I always took the long way down to safety instead of jumping because I though there was fall damage. Took me a bit to realize that was not the case.

Now I’m envisioning Hammond exploding on piledriver, not that he doesn’t already /s

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Overwatch with:

  • Fall damage
  • Ammo Depletion
  • In-game Scoreboard
  • Weekly Competitive Tournaments

…Sounds pretty hardcore to me. Not even going to pretend Friendly-Fire would be a good thing. xD

Sorry, I went futher off-topic that initially intended.

Makes sense really that the heroes can handle fairly controlled falls like this in combat. The real bad ones come in the form of going off the map, so that element of “fall damage” is still sort-of there, but just in environment kills.

I’ve played games with fall damage before (more military, CoD types) but it’s not as fast if done so. And players will find themselves doing embarrassing things like falling to their deaths but it would make a buff to booping. Even if we have limited aerial heroes, the air should be used and not just the grounds i.e. Widowmaker, Mercy, Junkrat, Wrecking Ball and Pharah, etc. Will fall damage, people may avoid the air more often.

Man Pharah is screwed if she runs out of fuel…

Or a mercy in Valk and the timer runs out


AFAIK this has been addressed multiple times before (as had OP’s fall damage topic :P), and the only answer we’ve gotten each time is along the lines of “because movement feels more responsive”. There was a more junior gameplay dev who did a stream interview a while back also commenting on this, and he also mentioned how it would be a pain to re-balance all the hitscan heroes if movement accel were to be added. (Which I agree would be a pain but personally do not think is a valid reason for having terrible gunplay that primarily rewards learning to shoot unaware/stationary/predictable targets over making skillful shots… but I mention for the sake of completeness.)

To be honestly, I am surprised we don’t have it. When I first started play OW, I jumped from kind of high and was like “Crap, this going to hurt.” I got no damage and was like “What…? Uh, okay.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we need it, I’m just surprised it’s not in OW. Almost every game ive played of this kind has Fall Damage, so to not see it in OW took be by surprised. I was a bit perplexed by it, at first, honestly.

Edit: Also, when I first noticed it, I thought “Is this a design choice or an oversight?” But, then I figured If it hadn’t been in the game for almost 3 years, it must have been intentional.

Did Mercy get her Angelic Decent passive during this time? It feels like a featherfall instead of a glide, because as a movement ability it can’t get you across most gaps in the game.

I’d love to be able to use it to commute between platforms (e.g. high ground areas surrounding a capture point), but it sinks too fast and Mercy ends up on the ground instead of the platform only a few meters away.

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Right? This why I wish they would turn Angelic Descent into a mini-Fly with a CD, like I suggested in a couple Mercy threads. Some people seem to dig the idea, which is pretty cool.

Stop, just because he appears does not mean throw everything else at them. This is how you make them hide again


That would be neat!

Would mercy still glide when the mini-fly is on cooldown?