How different would Overwatch be with

fall damage. Just thinking about it would probably change some tactics for a few characters. Junkrats would have to be mindful of using the double mine jump, Pharah would have to slow their fall so they don’t die, Winston’s couldn’t just jump mindlessly. I don’t know, discuss it.


Terrible idea. The game isn’t designed around it.

I take it you don’t play Winston.


Imagine Genji taking 25 damage every time he double jumps :laughing:


I mean 13 hours isn’t exactly a lot, but there are Winston’s that panic jump at low health.

And what’s the problem with that? Winston is bad as is now. He should still be able to use his mobility to get away.


Look I simply asked a question on opinions, no reason to start up something. You said yours already, now go.


Not “starting up” anything. I’m just giving my opinion, it’s a dumb idea that nerfs heroes that don’t need nerfing.



somehow though, they would still make genji exempt from this


It would be a pretty terrible experience. Fall damage would affect some heroes much more then others. Imagine being Widow and you grapple up to a high arch and then you take 70 damage. You would need a healer or a really good grapple to survive.

It is never going to happen in Overwatch.

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They did had fall damage at one point, but Blizzard removed it because it just didn’t work due to how frustrating it was to a lot of heroes especially Pharah.

This would hurt Lucio too much.

It is frustrating to play with and that’s why it was taken out I think. That’s also why every hero has unlimited ammo

yea right, lets weaken Pharah even more smh

I would quit the game if they did a terrible thing like that. That is a nerf to all 30 heroes.

Genji: ANGELA! UGh ahhh Ughh i need healing.

We actually tried falling damage in early development of Overwatch. We ran into problems with characters like Widowmaker, Reaper and Pharah. With Widowmaker, it felt strange and unintuitive to be able to grapple to high places but not be able to jump down without taking damage. We found ourselves grappling back down to lower points, which was awkward. Pharah was really odd. If you didn’t feather your jets right before touching the ground you would splat. And with Reaper, we kept teleporting to high locations with no ability to get safely down.

For awhile, we kept exempting characters from fall damage. But pretty soon, it felt arbitrary who would take fall damage and who was immune so we removed the mechanic completely.


what made you guys decided on having fixed inertia, instead of more traditional acceleration you see in fpses like tf2?


The #1 best design choice of this game.

Fall damage would be so bad


Jeff! its so interesting to know that fall damage was tested out in the development of overwatch.


Wrecking Ball would be useless that’s what would happen.

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An excellent decision!

Would you consider letting players see health pack locations through walls in a 50m radius? Think if there were 100 Overwatch maps in play. Don’t you think it would be cumbersome and unfun to remember all of the health pack locations? Thank you for your consideration :slight_smile: