How cool would it be


I could see Brigitte listening to pantera tbh


Well, judging by skins we have for all the heroes, we can also assume that:

  • Reaper is really into Mariachi bands, a lot (two skins!)
  • Moira loves Glam Rock (David Bowie skin)
  • Tracer is all into Punk Rock (also two skins!)
  • Zarya is either into some really heavy metal, or emo rock

Missed anyone?


junkrat and roadhog enjoying some ac/dc?


Roadhog has the headbanging emote. :metal:


junkrat seems to be more into pop music

also for roadhog he could be into metal but he does make a reference to snoopdog in a beta voice line


Hey also D.Va is a big fan of Lució’s music, she says so herself.


Junkrat may actually be into J-Pop like Vocaloid or AKB48, or some type of asian pop culture music. (Assuming from his love of Milk Tea/Boba drinks. Although I could be mistaken)

It also makes me laugh when I think of Junkrat trying to sing lyrics to a Hatsune Miku song


We figured that from the emotes and voice lines you guys gave us. But what about other heroes? Isn’t a fan of Lúcio’s music? I assume Lúcio likes the kind of music he makes, but what about everyone else?


How cool would it be if the writers actually bothered to write stories about these characters rather than 8 word answers on useless and insignificant issues.

Its been 3 YEARS since this game released and we still have no clue what is going on.
This ain’t an MMO. Its a shooter. And no shooter lives past the couple of years it has. Just look at your loot box revenues and tell me how they are doing.

“Hey guys! After 3 years Soldier is gay! Ana and Soldier are STILL in the same room we showcased when we announced Tracer’s sexuality!”
*Slow clap


I would have thought Widowmaker/Amelie would listen to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake) since she did ballet.


We already know Moira’s