How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 24)

They shouldn’t. I agree with you. If I was called out on my BS, I wouldn’t want to keep up the facade either.

By “plenty” I assume you mean 9% masters and above?

Okay then. I expect you to now say exactly that to anyone who cries for Blizzard to tell them exactly how the matchmaker works to confirm their conspiracy. No point in telling you or anyone how it works if it’s going to be “bs” if it doesn’t align with your theory is it?


When something doesn’t add up to what Im experiencing, I get skeptical. Thats a normal human reaction. But then so is blindly believing everything you’re told. Neither one of has proof so we are both speculating.

The biggest point of even having the forums is for devs to communicate with the players and vice versa. If everyone is going to be like you and ignore what they say or scream “LIES!” if what they’re told doesn’t align with their mindset, then they should just shut down these forums today.


Maybe they shouldnt have lied in the first place then :lying_face:

Maybe you shouldn’t consider their communications lying? :upside_down_face:

If you need proof OP linked all the threads he took information from devs posts. If you don’t want to believe those then I think it’s time you found another game.


the forums are like not even 5% of the population of this game. Lots of people stays way from here for good reasons.


I was referring to the 1% GM and 8% masters who rarely come here to complain for reasons already mentioned by the fanboy.

I was saying that a lot of people experience the same thing as gm and master but just don’t talk here. People tends to look only at the bad speak about it but say nothing about everything else.


I agree with that last part.

I thought masters was 3% last we heard? Is there an updated distribution?

I was looking at the OP’s source reference. Sorry if it’s been updated.

Also from OPs references, which are more lies. They have done nothing to fix this since season 6. At least, not for anyone else.

Am I the only one seeing discrepancies here? Not with the first quote specifically, but in general. Its no winder so few people trust the dev team when they post. I can understand why they refrain from posting here.

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The matchmaker needs retooled for role queue. It clearly matches by average TEAM MMR, and it needs to match by average ROLE MMR. A team-wide average was sufficient for open queue games where switches could happen, but is completely inadequate for a role-locked match.

Platinum tanks fighting Silver tanks will never be a fair fight, etc. If your team has a DPS SR average of 2500, the opposing team should have DPS with an average of 2500 SR. This doesn’t happen and is trivial to verify.


If a game is supposed to be a 50% chance of winning or losing. Then when you get to your SR you start the infamous oscillating of win 2 lose 2 win 2 lose 2. Then thats NOT a 50% chance of winning is it? If i take a coin and flip it 10 times, what are the chances of it coming up head head tails tails head head tails tails?

You could convince me that the match maker actually calculated 50% matches if the devation was random over like…10 to 15 games. But it just goes win win lose lose win win lose lose.

The match maker will give you matches below 50% chance of winning to bring you to your SR and give you above 50% to bring you back to were it thinks you belong. Its why its sooo streaky and consistent. its why there are stomps and there are games you couldnt carry on your best day.

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More thoughts:

Doing this adjustment for the matchmaker could actually DECREASE queue times as well by opening up the total SR spread for a team while keeping it intact for each role. So for example you could (in theory, and if necessary for the matchmaker to create a game) have Diamond DPS, Silver Supports, and Gold Tanks in one match… but the opposing team would have EXACTLY the same configuration.

This gives the matchmaker more latitude to pull in players, without disadvantaging one side or the other with imbalanced roles.

It has some benefits and drawbacks…

One benefit is that lower ranked players get to see how higher rank players work, which should bring match quality up over time as lower ranks are exposed to better gameplay and strategies.

A drawback may be that the match could be frustrating for a higher rank role to get paired with a much lower one (diamond tanks getting silver supports)… BUT the opposing team would be working under the EXACT same condition… so ultimately the match is fair.

I’m confused. If you aren’t a fan of the game, why are you here? Isn’t there some better use of your time than hating on something that only affects your life because you allow it to?


“Some men just want to watch the world burn” - Alfred Pennyworth


Ignore the toxic people here, you are doing good job dude.