How Competitive Matchmaking and Ranking Works in Overwatch 2

Yeah and in that case our hidden MMR in quickplay is likely more accurate to skill if you play mostly quickplay. The MMR is the problem.

If it is not a bug, it is really crappy design. A ranked mode where the only message is “you suck” for many, many games, for many, many people.


Maybe they really do suck though.

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I didn’t play Overwatch competitively, so I don’t feel like I fully grasp what people are talking about here, and the article itself left me feeling less informed of how I’m being ranked than informed. Maybe I’m just dumb and I don’t understand Lolol

I started playing Overwatch 2 competitively to challenge myself during the first season, and they started me on Silver tier 5, but now now I’m stuck in gold tier 3 to 1. I was winning more than I was losing, but lately it feels like I’m playing with people who’ve never played Overwatch before, therefore I’m on a 2 day streak of mainly losses. In fact, it’s so comical that I even wonder how these players got to gold in the first place, which then makes me wonder if I’m just as terrible LOL

I’m not trying to be arrogant here, but I’m usually the best support player on my team, and more often than not I’m doing better than the enemy team, but I feel like my teammates are causing me to lose more often than I like, therefore that’s impacting my ranking. People who keep trying to flank despite it never working for them, teams that split in situations that don’t make sense and make healing less effective, the one guy trying to be the try-hard hero for POG, and the amount of trickling is just horrendous.

If I’m being scored against the best of my team and my team is bad, which surely I can’t win the game on my own, then how do I climb out of this nightmare? If I don’t see some kind of score or understand how I’m progressing, then how can I personally improve outside of hoping that I’m placed on a team that actually plays as a team? It seems more like a game of chance than skill (at least for now).

Now this just might be a feeling, but it seems like sometimes my team is ranked lower than the enemy team, and we’re just getting destroyed with my team not understanding how to counter and work together to get out of it. Is this normal for competitive, because if so I’m not having fun nor is this enjoyable. Sometimes I find people in Quickplay to player better than what I’ve been dealing with the past two days in comp…


I’m currently on a 24 game win streak as tank, and I have not moved up a rank. The game fails to provide me any feedback in to what I should improve on to rank up. Is it my aim? My eliminations? My mitigation? My ultimate eliminations? My assists?

What do you want from me game?

Tell ME!


I agree that more information should be provided. However, note that there was a rank bug. You rank should update the next time that you complete 7 wins.


  • Many players were ranked too low during the first week of Overwatch 2, so we are implementing a boost as players continue to play games for those affected by this issue.
  • Players who were ranked too low could have the feeling of being stuck in this rank. Moving forward, players should be able to climb the ranks in their first rank update assuming they’re supposed to be higher based on their performance.
  • Players who haven’t ranked will not experience this issue after this patch.

From Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - October 13, 2022

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I think the formula for calculating SR is (Wins - losses) times 50. Based on someone who said they won 7 times in a row and moved up about 350sr. So if you win 7 and lose 5, you will move up about 100, and if you win 0 and lose 20, you should move down about 1000.

I have now won 27 of 29 games, and have not moved ranks, we’ll see what happens on win 28.

There is only two reasons you would want/need this.

1 - You want to try and abuse it to benefit yourself;
2 - You want to know exactly why you aren’t climbing and still not be able to fix it.

The hidden MMR is the LAST thing this game needs to worry about lol.


It is not abusing a system to use the rules as given to do what the system requests to improve your rank.

This is nonsense. Presumably it would be easier to climb (or at least easier to know what people need to work on) if people knew how they were being judged.

You entire request is obsolete though…

If you are good at the game you climb… What good is a mess of computer programming (());;>> going to do? It’s an FPS game my dude. Kill more die less = rank up lol.


I wouldn’t be so sure I lost somewhere between 16-18 before I won 7 and I went up in rank.

Hey mate, I just want to say I appreciate the work you did to reverse engineer the competitive system in OW1. Your posts were a blessing to the community, and helped us understand the competitive system a lot more.

Just wanted to also let you know that there is a way to view your SR in Overwatch 2. It just takes a few days to process the data. See here:

What this does prove is that SR has not been removed, it has just been hidden.

Chances are, the new system is very similar to the old system, and a lot of the anomalies that have been reported can actually be explained by the things you’ve pointed out in your previous “How Competitive Matchmaking and Ranking Works” posts.

I believe what happened when OW2 was launched was that player’s OW1 ranks were maintained, but their SRs were dropped by about 1000-1500 SR. This would explain how some players were able to jump multiple ranks in one update, and while some players were stuck in Bronze 5 for a long time. It doesn’t explain everything, but from what I’ve seen it looks like the devs have just taken the lazy approach and just hid SR instead of developing a new ranking and matchmaking system.

This also means that they actually can show your SR at any time, they just choose not to. Maybe if we all voiced out our preference to see our SRs, then they might bring it back in the future.

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Wow this is 900iq, getting your data from blizzard. I wonder what requesting it to be deleted would do as well? Reset? Only downside is if you really want to figure out how rank system works you have to do this for each game. If you get your data wiped first it should be easier as you won’t have to download a huge file, but still might be able to learn something from recording your w/l and checking changes in bulk once in a while.

at this point ya they should just make mmr the visible rank and sr the invisible rank

in 6v6, most people didn’t even know about MMR so it was easier to get away with
Now it’s on full display how much MMR affects lobbies across all ranks.

At this point the easiest thing would be to show everyone their mmr and have that be their rank.
Keeping it invisible now is just intentional and cowardly

There never was any difference between MMR and SR before. They were the same thing. The only instance they would diverge during would be decay. Aside from decay it was always the same value. I have never seen any proof of the opposite and instead plenty of proof it worked that way.

I recommend watching this video by Tesla after one-tricking Moira from bronze 5 to GM. Very interesting how his ranking adjusted, even with losses.

This is not true.
Ever since S2(we are on S36)
there was an MMR and an SR
This was admitted by Jeff, and multiple other blizz and ow staff
This is what i mean when I literally said that
/most people didn’t even know about mmr and it was easier to hide/
MMR and SR went like this
MMR is hidden, and SR was the number that players saw.
Now SR is only visible to its individual and can be viewed on open profiles, but SR is also not your current sr but the sr you were at after your rank adjustment game

how is the game handling, in my case a 5% provable loosed games because of “new” players leave midgame, even the game was equal, ore not even second round?

How much will affect a loose ratio, in my case of 5% my “MMR” and Loose weight in general?

How much does this affect, the weight in the enemie team?

There is also a number i do not now, thats game i had - and forgot to screenshot. They were there. We all are not top tier players, what actually is only a view percentage of the game. like, 1-5%? what is with the rest of the “normal” skilled players, how heavy is affecting 5-10% of loosing games because someone leaves mid game? (heavingly new players what i could report. but private profile makes it hard. replays, make it clear also.)

If its ok, ill post my “story” here.

289 Games played comp - 55 Games provenly sabotaged - Competitive Discussion - Overwatch Forums (

What jeff back then stated and one of the ow devs is what I’ve explained earlier. MMR and SR only diverge during decay, this wasn’t stated clearly and spawned a bunch of conspiracy theories.