How come there's no Indonesian flag player icon?

Just as the title says.


I support this.


Certain national flags have certain legal and trademark issues for Blizzard to get around. As such not every country has a Player Icon available in the game.


oh alright then. I was just curious cause I was talking to my friend (who is Indonesian) and I was like “hey is your flag in the game?” and he was like “no” and I was like “:O”

Yeah. Kinda stinks worse than the smell of a durian if you ask me.

I hate durian smell too

Hey durian is tasty!

Because Indonesia wont let Overwatch use its flag

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That it is, just smells bad.

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Smell is tasty too, though I agree if it’s too much it made me hallucinate.

They can ask monaco maybe? It’s the same design.

Similar designs yes, but the colors are different additionally monaco most likely hasnt allowed it either as there isnt a monaco flag in the game