How can you detect jump abilities in the workshop?

I was doing some small tweaks to a gamemode that’s (as far as I am aware) not being updated anymore and adding the newest characters so they could be played. In this gamemode, you can purchase upgrades for your character- usually something that enhances an ability.

My current issue is that I would like to make Liveweaver unkillable while using his Rejuvenating Dash, but there’s not a rule that checks for jumping abilities. Additionally, I’m also having some difficulty making Ramattra invulnerable while his shield is deployed, however I could probably fix that on my own. It’s pretty late where I am and I don’t feel like tinkering with it.

Does anyone know what I could do for either of these abilities?

Lifeweaver has a lot of issues related to workshop. Event Ability does not work with him.

Jump abilities are tied to Button(Jump) (Hanzo only). You can use it to change its cooldown.

Crouch abilities are tied to Button(Crouch) (Wrecking Ball only). Because his ability deals damage, you can use it like any other ability.

About Ramattra’s shield, maybe you can use its cooldown (Button(Secondary Fire)) to check if it is deployed. It lasts for 4 seconds and its cooldown is 13 seconds.