How can People actually say Nerf Mercy and Not Ana

How many more excuses can we throw to not nerf Ana? Nerf Brigitte she is the only reason Ana is meta. Wait for a Meta to not favor he while we where in Double Shield. Dive is meta and so is Ana. Now nerf Mercy. Mercy will go back to mediocre when Ashe gets destroyed. Then who is next to take a nerf hammer for Ana and what meta can we actually not see her. Nerf Lucio next so then we have Zen who can’t keep Ana alive and both are fragile. Brigitte is trash, Baptiste wasn’t really good for nerfed, Mercy is going back to kiss Brig on the forehead in the dungeon and Lucio is just fine. Zenyatta is just Zenyatta. How much can we pull to not give Ana an reason nerf.

Ana is just popular. While admitting she won’t get played of She is nerfed. That doesn’t seem like a popular hero to me. Blizzard just nerf Ana.

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Because they’re mostly mad they can’t hit Mercy.


ana requires mechanical skill and has a 50% winrate.
mercy requires no mechanical skill and has +50% winrate. do the math.


Yes, but mercy provides only a fraction of the value that ana gives with ONLY her kit.

Like 1/2 of Mercy’s value comes from call-outs and game sense. Try making it to Masters by playing Mercy out of voicechat. It’s rough.


Yea hitting nano to bring someone from 1% to 100% is some serious skill.


Ana has also always been Decent, Good or OP since 2018. Do the math.