How can i improve my fps? (specs)


Hi i was wondering what i should do to increase my fps in overwatch, i am not super experienced with all pc tech knowledge and was looking for some help. Right now i get around 100 fps but dips to 75-85 range sometimes.
my pc specs:
CPU: AMD A10-7700k Radeon R7
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Mother Board: GA-F2A88X-D3HP (rev 1.0)

Not sure what else i was supposed to include there, but was just wondering if my fps should be higher with these specs, and if not, what should i get to improve them? im just looking to be able to lock 144 fps


I maintain a thread in this forum with many tips and tricks to maximizing the performance of Overwatch on your system here:


I click on the link and it just takes me to a picture… I’m on mobile


It should lead to another thread on this forum. I tested the link. You may need to try a different web browser app if needed.