How bad was goats

While ult economy was important to Goats, I’d say the focus was more on stacking abilities that made Goats so dominant. With Matrix, Bubble, Rein shield, Brig’s shield, Repair Pack, and Amp, they were nigh unkillable. You couldn’t kill them from range, but trying to engage in a brawl meant Brig was getting Inspire.

Ultimates was meant to just win fights decisively.

Either you’re misremembering, did not play in GM during that time period, or you’re quoting something that was incorrect. 2019 is the wrong time period because it was ladder goat’s sunset, which was often played with Ana, and the rise of OWL goats. We already had two steady seasons of goats in GM in 2018, then by the start of 2019 we had a bunch of nerfs and it still looked like this:

In GM, that’s Orisa and Hog with barely more than 1% pickrates. The worst tanks here in 2021 have the same pickrates as the worst tanks on that list. There is also another tank here in 2021 to dilute the pickrates and that was after 2 seasons of nerfs to goats itself, so there was a certain meta flux as people tried heroes that hadn’t yet been ruled unviable. How the heck is that the best tank balance has ever been?


Only GM/Pros experienced GOATs. And GM experienced a different kind of GOATs than Pros.

So in reality? It wasn’t that bad.


THis might be an unpopular opinion but I actually enjoyed GOATS as a comp. It required a lot of teamwork and battles were long and exiting FOR ME. One of the reasons I didn’t like dive was because you blinked and one team just won the fight and I was like wat just happened. Also the team with the best Tracer won.

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Practically nonexistent on ladder. There simply weren’t enough tanks to even make it a thing in the first place and you only ever saw it on OWL.

It was when Support/Tank synergies were strong enough that you could solo tank even if you were roadhog. And considering how unpopular tanks were, if your tank was already doing fine by himself, you were less likely to get a DPS to swap to a second tank.

This meant the playerbase was essentially self regulating as they tended to pick the least number of tanks they could get away with. Goats required an “I MUST WIN” mindset that simply isn’t representative of what you would find on ladder.

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Exactly. Which is why ladder goats was different than Pro goats and by ladder goats I mean GM players.

ah goats was the best in the world, the best time to play bastion and phara and see people crying for using bastion

Thankfully i was in gold back then, and goats didn’t exist at all down there

GOATs was boring

And although the meta was just WM1 into ult spam into more WM1 on some heroes, the ladder is too stupid to even run it.

However, there were games in Open Queue Comp where GOATs was still around when I was still playing it. Like you pushed a Hanamura map 5-6 and you NEED that tie breaker or something.

At the time, I won all of the games I ran GOATs on, with a lot of disgusted look on the other team for running it. Because yeah, it is disgusting XD

Well you HATE brig so you probably would hate goats right?

It was annoying because if you refused to swap, you would get harassment. I forced so many people to play 1 dps goats. And they never shut up about it and pretend we are losing all because I didn’t pick Brig. Exactly what you might be thinking… They actually tried Brigless goats. With like Hog.

In other words, not goats. Welcome to plat.

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It wasn’t super prevalent on ladder. Turns out that making people not play DPS is nigh impossible. But if you had the right team, it was unstoppable if played right.

I sometimes had games in diamond when a 4/5/6 stack would revert to running GOATS and would just stomp games if the enemy didn’t try to mirror. People refusing to swap off Damage were often throwing their game in these situations.

This wasn’t particularly common though. Of the few times I did play GOATS, it was pretty enjoyable. I was fortunate enough that the GOATS heroes (minus Dva) are ones I’m pretty proficient in. That said, thankfully not being in GM+ meant that I never had to experience 2/3 of the roster be completely unviable.

Garbage. Actual garbage meta. You played anything outside of the goats sphere, you got DOMINATED. not just beat, not just a tough fight, you got DESTROYED if you ran anything else. Disgustingly dominant and boring to play after the 50th time.


I really enjoyed GOATS, but that’s because I love being in chaos.

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Oh, it was definitely meta in GM at the end of 2018 - I don’t know about 2 seasons, though - that really don’t leave much time for grav+dragon/double-sniper 1.0.

The meta shifted pretty quickly at the beginning of 2019 though. There are stats from March 2019 that show pretty even pickrates across all Tank in GM.

I suppose I shouldn’t have said “it wasn’t hard-meta”. It would’ve been more accurate to say “it wasn’t hard-meta for very long”, relatively speaking.

When was Ana apart of goats? It was Zenyatta most of the time

You are right it was Zen.

The entire GOATS meta was basically just live. You main damage output was Zarya. At high ranks and OWL you had callouts and priority targets but basically it was mirror GOATS for an entire season.

As you can imagine it was like watching a football game where every team ran 6 Defence and 4 midfielders and no strikers. A game where you have over 25 hero’s to pick and only 6-7 were used for an entire season. It was so awful to watch,

Most teams had to bench their DPS or put them on odd hero’s. You had the best mechanical skilled players playing Brig haha!

I loved goats and still miss it. I think the reason it’s not looked at more fondly is because it lasted so long…but as a Reinhardt player this was the most fun I remember having, when it got played in my elo.

Some of the clips from owl around this time are awesome as well (see bumpers 10 second shatter charge into a team wipe DVA bomb)