How are people still defending this game, it's insane

Compare the amount of of content on release you got by paying 60 dollars on OW1, now compare the amount of content you could get by paying 60 dollars worth of BPs in OW2.

And, keep in mind that if you dont grind for the content it is gone. Now you will see why most of us would be fine with a single time purchase


Like I said, fair enough. If the skins seem good to you it’s not all bad, especially compared to the daylight robbery of the store we’ve just seen… It’s terrible value for people who don’t like them though (or people who spent irl money and have decided they’ve got no interest in OW2 with all the new info), so I like to put the word out since not everyone seems to know that refunds are an option.


Buy 4 battle passes or buy a 40-dollar game. What’s the difference? If you try the game and hate it, you are only out your first battle pass - or nothing if you play it free to play.

If you love the game and keep buying the battle passes, then you should feel fine with supporting the game so it has a long life of active development (this doesn’t even count the fact that if you are an active player, you most likely will be able to earn your next battle pass while playing the current one).

Battle passes and microtransactions also allow the game to be free to play, which means it will always have an active player base.

the difference is that the 40$ game in question is an entire game and the bp is 90% junk


I’m willing to pay for a game that is mine… that i can get running in few years no Mather what.

I don’t like game as a service, I’m a old dude. I’m 40 years old, i like to having games. But overwatch was stolen for me.

I’m willing to give my time so you can play dress up in your skins and have someone to watch, but the gameplay need to be fair… and looking heroes is not fair… other then that, paywall customization as hell, i don’t care, bit this is almost pay to win,

This is terrible for a game that lost its mojo years ago, and this will not get old player back and I’m Pretty sure new players will get frustrated when they see the wall and content locked for new players.

This is bad for a game as a service.


That i can agree with

Alot of the other things are what people are just parroting off of bait articles

Dont tempt them, they might go out there to get HIV because its “Legendary”


OK, look there are so many responses i cant respond to but look

yes. in theory a battle pass

CAN be better than lootboxes. CAN. Because you can be able to know exactly what you earn - but if you’re directly trying to compare these 2 it’s no, contest. a battle pass has a limited amount of cosmetics, and a great skin, or a few - only comes at the end of it. a long grind of stuff you could see, you knew you would get, you may not have actually wanted, but there is more time being put into obtaining all of this.

Overwatch 1’s lootboxes, gave you gold skins so commonly that it wasnt even worth getting hyped about after a few years. you can get 2 of these great skins - in one box. you can EASILY get exactly what you wanted because again - credits were being handed out like bread. ive played lots of modern multiplayer games and lots of games with lootboxes, etc at this point, and while OW1 had a random chance, it had one of the most fair microtransaction systems. not to mention duplicates, arcades, events all gave you better chances of getting what you want

comparing this to price gouging of ow2’s battle pass, is NOT comparable. in every way, to make it a “profitable” game, this is a downgrade. that’s all.

Because we live in a society of consumers, and this garbage became normalized. People complained but still consumed. Your complaints and objection are literally meaningless if you condone the action buy still consuming the product.


Yeah, and compare how dead OW1 is in comparison to every other F2P game. Pay to play games with free updates don’t make any money, and there’s no incentive for devs to make more content when no money is coming in. Sorry, but that’s just how capitalism works. If you want the devs to make more good content, they need a steady stream of income.

You know the reason it died is BECAUSE they started working on OW2?

Am i the only one who remembers the constant stream of content and maps from 2016 to 2019? money was coming in, they made billions from overwatch. you’re flat out lying trying to act as if the free updates were making them no money as if there wasnt money coming in from lootboxes, and owl skins?

the money stopped because of their own mishandling. there was no NEED to go f2p


get a refund. I did
(20 characters requirement)

F2P games is just how it is nowadays. Either get with the times and enjoy the game or plug in your PS2 and N64 and go retro if BPs trigger you that much.


Hey OP, I’m gonna play OW 2 AND buy some of the microdlc just to trigger you.

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No idea why people pretend otherwise. They might actually have forgotten. It is like the Mandela effect.

I mean, they left the game to die with no content, im pretty sure that the game was still raking up money from lootboxes and would have been ok had they kept a continuos stream of content.

Also yeah, they need to make money but there is fine line between making money and staright up greed, most of the prices we have seen are ridiculous and BPs are as predatory as Lootboxes, they are just the cool thing that everyone else is doing but it doesnt change that fact.

Idc, you can play for free. We will get new heroes and maps. 9 weeks seasons.

It’s not bad.

$20 skins? Then don’t buy skins :wink:


I could also play other modern games. let me just check smash ultimate. oh cool. no battle pass.

don’t try and act like we’re against change lmao

What, are you not going to play the game???

Hate it or love it, there nothing like overwatch. I play other games too but I always come back to OW to scratch that itch